Would you wait three weeks for the love of your life? That’s all it would take for Abby to figure out that you’re her best friend in the world.

Abby came to the shelter back in March with her sister Sweetums. Sweetums was pregnant and went into kitten foster while Abby was very reactive to people and went to socialization foster. When Abby had opened up and come out of her shell, she went back to the shelter to be adopted but all the sounds and smells overwhelmed her and she had to go back to foster. She’s now thriving in a hectic home with many other cats, kittens, dogs, turtles, snakes, fish, and people–including her sister!

Abby loves to be pet. If any part of your body gets near her she will rub against you like there is no tomorrow. You might get stuck petting Abby forever as she’s more likely to let you know she’s upset that you stopped petting her than anything else. She also loves to sit beside her people and lean against them, though she’s not a full-fledged lap cat just yet. She truly loves being around people, even though she’s so shy at first.

Abby gets along well with both dogs and cats, provided that they don’t chase her around. In her current foster home, she’s more likely to sit with the lazy dog than she is to stay near the high-energy cat who keeps chasing her to play!

Abby’s special circumstances mean that she will be a little bit… shall we say… upset for the first two or three weeks in her new home. She’s still desperate to be pet in new situations, but she’s also unsure of her surroundings and prefers to be pet with a towel-covered stick. Once she realizes the same people and animals will regularly be around (and won’t eat her), she’ll all of a sudden decide to explore her new home and your lap! What’s two or three weeks of shyness when you’ll have such a great cat for the rest of her life?

If you’re interested in a very sweet cat, or maybe two very sweet cats, Abby is currently being fostered with her sister Sweetums. They were apart for so long that they’re no longer bonded, but they do get along well together! If you’d like to meet sweet Abby or her conversational sister Sweetums, email their foster mom Dana at and she’ll help find a time that works for everyone.








Abby doing her circus tricks

Abby getting pets

Abby being goofy