Abby Adopted!!!

Remember sweet Abby, the scared tabby who came in way back in March? We are happy to report that Abby has finally found her forever home!

Abby was one of the inaugural members of our Kitten Charm School program, a foster and socialization program to help scared and shy cats and kittens come out of their shell and prepare them for adoption. Abby passed all her Charm School classes with flying colors months ago, but because she didn’t show well at the shelter, it was hard to find her a home by waiting for the right person to walk through the door.

That’s where the power of social media came in! Abby’s new family found her through all the videos, photos, and stories that we posted about her and how sweet she is.

While a lot of cats are scared when they first go to their new homes, Abby immediately took to her new place and her new people! It turns out that she was only so shy and quiet because she wanted to be in charge of her domain, not share it with other cats! Less than 24 hours after she found her forever family, she was already the Queen of the Castle, strutting around meowing for pets and twining herself around her new mom and dad’s legs.

It took Abby a while, but time, patience, and love meant that this scared kitty has the chance to blossom into a lovebug herself and find her forever home.

Is there a special place in your heart and home for one of our Charm School kittens and cats? You can email the Charm School Headmistress at to learn about our current students! Maybe you are interested in fostering some of these more challenging cases? Sign up to be a kitten foster here!