Alice A065849

I’m Alice and I have the same teardrop eyeliner of a certain singer.  When I was small they thought I was a boy (silly humans) so my name was Cooper.  Funny how that turned out, eh?  As you can see from the photo, I also like to vogue like another famous singer.  My black nose (and toes) give me a unique and special look.   While I’m a little quieter than the other three in my litter (Max, Furiosa and Spot), I can still mix it up and run around with the best of them.   I’m *super* affectionate around people and will come running when you call my name.  The only thing I like more than lying in laps is curling up next to my foster dad whenever he sits down or lies down.  When it’s bedtime, I’m always at his shoulder and purring in his ear.  He thinks I’m a real sweetie.   I’d love to be adopted with one of my siblings (Spot especially) but I’d also be happy in a home with another cat (or two).  So what are you waiting for?  Contact my foster dad Chris ( and come meet me.  He’ll be sad to see me go, but will be very happy I’m going to a great home.