Archer is a dignified tuxedo kitty with refined tastes. He was found with his brother Bear under a car in the Warner Music parking lot. His feet have white socks and tiny black spats on his toes. He has adorable white walrus whiskers on his face and we’re pretty sure that the white bib on his belly might be a treasure map. Archer likes to wake up, snarf down some food, and wrassle with his brother, and then find the nearest lap and sack out. He rarely hides and follows his foster dad around all day. Archer has earned the nickname “Meatball” because of his round belly, but it pains his delicate soul to be called something so crass. Archer currently lives with his brother Bear, an adult cat, a family with kids, a bunny and a guinea pig. Archer would like to stay with his brother Bear.

Please contact his foster mom Amie at if you would like to meet him.