Archer is a Chocolate Point Siamese Mix. Archer is much smaller than his brother Eskimo, but that won’t stop him from being the aggressor during a good chase and rumble tumble wrestling match! He LIVES to play. His favorite toy is a mouse with a rattle in it. He will bat that around and even chew on it until something else distracts him that involves more play. He has soulful eyes for a little guy and is the sweetest little kitten. He purrs so loud and hard, you can feel the vibration throughout your body! Archer can be clingy sometimes, so if you are doing something while seated, he will do whatever it takes to get your attention like reaching for you to pick him up and hold him. Falling asleep in your arms or lap is sure to happen when he’s tired from playing.

To fully thrive and live happy lives, it is my hope and preference that they are adopted together. If they cannot be adopted together, a single adoption will require another furry companion at his new home.

To meet Archer or learn more about him, please contact Carla at 818-216-5477.