Babette found a home!


Our sweet 15 year old Babette got adopted!

Put me in, Coach!

Babette (now known as “Babs”) is doing great!  She loves belly rubs, perks right up when she and her mom go for walks in the park, and loves to watch the other people and their dogs.  She runs and plays like a much younger dog and her little face lights up when she meets other pets in her building.  She’s very social, loving, and completely relaxed in her new home.

Dressed up and ready for a walk!

Senior pets have lots of love to give, and offer some great benefits.  With a senior, what you see is what you get.  They are full grown, and their personalities are fully developed.   As we age, we all tend to slow down a bit, and animals are no different.  Senior pets tend to require less exercise and be more mellow.   In a lot of ways, a senior pet is a perfect match for a senior adopter, and this was the case for Babs’s mom who adopted through our seniors for seniors program.

Babs with a new friend!

Age is just a number, so consider a senior pet, like Babs, the next time you’re looking to adopt.  You’ll be happy you did!