Bear and his brother Archer were discovered under a car in the Warner Music parking lot at 4 weeks old. Within a day, Bear was climbing on his fosters’ bellies and purring away. Bear keeps to a tight schedule. He wakes, eats, and tears around the house wrassling his brother. Then he climbs onto the nearest human and sacks out for a nap. Repeat as needed. Bear used to be very vocal but has quieted down now that he has learned to communicate with humans with purrs and headbutts. Although Bear looks like he has a hipster brown goatee, it’s a result of his habit of faceplanting in his food. Bear would like to stay with his equally charming brother, Archer. He is used to a house with adults, children, adult cats, a bunny and a guinea pig. (He has an unrequited love for the piggie.)

Please contact his foster mom Amie at if you would like to meet him.