Meet little ! Brie is a black and white female kitten with a white stripe up her nose and forehead. She is the smallest of her litter, but she isn’t scared of anything! Brie is short and stocky, with a little round belly and short legs. I think she might be part dwarf, but trust me, this only adds to her charm. She’s my favorite to watch play because she’s still a little clumsy, so when she tries to keep up with her brothers, hilarity ensues. She likes to hop around like a little spring and has a meow that sounds more like a squeak. When you pick her up, she fits right in the palm of your hand and lets out a little squeak. This little girl is also super quick to purr. When she’s sleeping, if you pet her once she starts purring. Whoever adopts this little nugget will be lucky! To meet this cutie, contact his foster mom Kathy at