Bruno followup!

By Jan  McInnis

“It boggles my mind when I attempt to comprehend how long it took for him to get adopted when he is such a sweet and loving dog” says his adopter Jayden. She, her husband and toddler son adopted Bruno (Meet Bruno) just under a year ago and haven’t looked back!

Bruno’s big day!

We checked in to see how our long-time shelter resident was doing after almost 12 months in his new home, and we were pleased to confirm what we knew. . . that it’s going great!

The year has been filled with lots of joy as Bruno has brought companionship and fun to the family.


Though a little more standoffish in the shelter, when he came home Bruno quickly found his place. . . right beside their 2-year-old son, Ephraim. Bruno is a constant companion to Ephraim and that love is returned. It’s all part of being in the family.

Looking good in that sweater!

Christmas is also Bruno’s favorite and he brings the fun! He loves unwrapping gifts, playing with new and old toys, and just enjoying the season. And he looks smashing in his holiday sweater! Who knew?

Bruno didn’t just get a new family, he also got a new nickname! He wasn’t responding to some commands, so a trainer suggested that it might be because the word “no” is part of his name BruNO. Hence the nickname “Nina” was born. He still goes by Bruno, but also responds well to Nina.

Nap time!

Bruno loves to take naps with Ephraim. Ephraim says “Nina, nap” and Bruno runs into the bedroom and gets into bed with him, then starts snoring up a storm almost immediately. He’s a giant bed hog as well.

Ok, nap time over!

When deciding if they should adopt Bruno, they visited him several times and talked extensively with the shelter staff and volunteers. “The shelter cooperated with us and made sure it was a good fit” his mom says. She also mentioned that they wanted an older dog because a puppy and a toddler would just be too much. Bruno, however, is just the right amount.

I think we need a bigger bed!

Whatever you call him, Bruno, Nina or best friend, we’re sure he’s thrilled to have a place that he calls home.

For our shelter pets, the end of their stay, whether it’s long or short, is the beginning of their new story. Adopt today and begin a new story!

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