To the left, to the left – all those other doggos take a step to the left! Because the only pup YOU need is our tiny diva with the big attitude, Cali!
Cali doesn’t let being the size of a pea stop her from strutting down the street. She owns that sidewalk, she owns that house, and she definitely owns you! And she’ll make sure you know it by climbing all over you for kisses, or riding around on your shoulders like a queen. And don’t even think about trying to wake this girl up early – she needs her beauty rest!
We love her sassy side – but she’s got a silly, playful streak, too! Watch how excited she gets when she sees her best friend, TENNIS BALL! She’ll play fetch for hours, or carry the ball around in her mouth – even if it is the size of her head!
Cali is good with dogs, kids and even cats. And if you REALLY want to give her a playmate, consider adopting her brother-from-another-mother, Bear! They’re being fostered separately, but they spent a year living together and are old friends that love wrestling.
Contact for more info on Cali (A079709) today!