Cashew, Daisy and Stevie got adopted!

We’ve had some great adoptions this month!  

After 7 months of patiently waiting, a wonderful family adopted Cashew (Meet Cashew) and gave her the wonderful home she deserves!

As soon as she arrived, Cashew made herself right at home and found a sunny spot to relax.

She also claimed the ottoman in the living room as her favourite spot to curl up and watch the world go by .

The family’s daughter reports that Cashew ‘claimed’ her bed, but allows her to share it…and she loves it!

It has only been a few weeks, but everyone feels like Cashew has been part of the family forever.  Thank you so much for adopting her.

The Amazing Kitten Daisy and her brother Stevie also found their forever home together and are doing *fantastic*.  

Daisy and Stevie now live in a 3 story townhouse.  Their adopters figured it would take a few weeks for Daisy to get acclimated.  Nope! Within the first weekend she had figured out the entire layout, including all the stairs!

Most importantly, she figured out the cat tree!

Being blind hasn’t limited Daisy.  She only needs to sniff around a new place and do a quick inspection.  Then she starts running around and playing like a normal cat!

Daisy and Stevie spend the days in their new home playing…

I can’t see you…but I know you’re there, Stevie!

…and snoozing.  Just like any other kittens!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Burbank Animal Shelter’s Medical Department, the numerous specialists Daisy and Stevie visited, and all the Kitten Foster Program Volunteers (especially Foster Mom Bev Daproza) who worked together to save Stevie and Daisy and make their story possible.

A big thank you to Daisy and Stevie’s adopters as well!  Thank you for opening your hearts to these two and giving them a great home.

Way to go Daisy!  We’re so happy for you!!!

Daisy and Stevie’s story is a happy reminder that while “special needs” animals are often overlooked at the shelter, they can lead perfectly happy lives and deserve a chance to share their super powers with the world.