image (7)Oh Patches… You sweet people-lover of a girl!  She’s a white and brown brindle American Bulldog with a very happy disposition.  Patches needs to be the only animal in the household, daily exercise, and loads of affectionate love!  This 4-year-old has a classic face with one black ear that is just too cute!  Patches enjoys hikes and gazing at you with her expressive eyes.  Teenage kids please, because she is a big gal.  Looking for a new family member?  Patches, A061505, is all ready to go at the shelter!


JacksonTouchedUp (1)There’s not much cuter than a puppy!  Meet Jackson… an adorable 12 week old Pit Bull Terrier mix.  He’s white with spots and has lovely baby blue eyes.  Jackson is itty bitty now, but will grow up to be a very large, strong pup, so an experienced dog owner is necessary.  This feisty, fun fellow will need a yard, some training, and lots of play time!  Patience and understanding are required with all puppies, and Jackson will do better with older, teenage kids in the household.  Are you ready to guide a cute little pumpkin into a big, darling companion?  Jackson, A065856, is an adorable baby boy waiting for you to find him and fall in love!

November Volunteers of the Month

Volunteers Take a Hike! 

On the first and third Sundays of every month a group of dedicated VBASers head to Stough Canyon in Burbank for a Happy Tails Hike. Several lucky shelter dogs get the opportunity to enjoy some exercise and new scenery, meet potential adopters, and have an experience that is a world away from the shelter environment. The hikes are a perfect opportunity for a “mental health day” for both the dogs and the volunteers who come along. To learn more about the Happy Tails Hikes, email Erik (erik@thevbas.org).
Hiking is just one of the activities that our wonderful volunteers are involved with. We clean cages and kennels, socialize the animals, assist in the medical department, facilitate adoptions, participate in adoption events, take care of tiny motherless kittens, write and design publications, and organize fundraisers, just to name a few activities. These hardworking volunteers are an essential component to the Burbank Animal Shelter, and we’d like to honor each and every one of them this month. To learn more about the volunteer program at the shelter, go to http://thevbas.org/volunteer.

January Volunteer of the Month

It’s been said that those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. The contributions Kjerstin Williams has made to the VBAS challenge this notion.  Not only is KJ, as she is affectionately called, an idea-woman and a problem-solver, she also recognizes the importance of leading and educating fellow volunteers.

KJ leads as a computer guru, chief technical consultant and lifesaver on the VBAS’s new website.  She also acts as a vaccination coordinator for the volunteers. She goes above and beyond without being asked, and she won’t let a hurdle, or even a brick wall stop her. She utilized her WordPress and technical skills to get the website up and running for a December 2010 launch just in time for the holiday season fundraising.  Since the new site has launched, the VBAS has received a record number of online donations.  She doesn’t just have amazing suggestions, KJ possesses the know-how and the dedication to implement these changes and results are seen right away.  The VBAS’s website is now more user friendly and this means that our connection to the community is more solidified and opportunities for fundraising in 2011 and beyond are increased.

And although KJ can and does offer her expertise and hard work time and time again, what makes her even more extraordinary is that she also teaches others along the way.  Her innate patience, generosity and humility make her a natural educator.  KJ is going to train a team of volunteers how to manage and update the new website moving forward, and she has that unique ability to explain things in layman’s terms, allowing those less technically inclined to understand, collaborate and continue important work.

We honor KJ not only for all that she can do, but we express our deepest gratitude to her, as she continually shows us how to do things better and grasp what may be possible for the future of VBAS through technological advancement, intelligence and elbow grease.  KJ takes the time to do and then takes the time to teach.  As we begin a New Year, we are a stronger, more savvy and more enduring team because of her.

Thank you, KJ.

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