Strega Nona is a beautiful kitten with unique tortie markings and the silkiest fur. When she arrived at the shelter, she was a scared kitten who had been living on the streets and protecting her little brother Big Anthony. She had trouble adjusting to humans, but has come a long way since then. She is still shy and may hiss at sudden movements, but she will even sleep on the bed with you. She is very enthusiastic about playing with any kind of interactive toy. She would love to get adopted with her brother into a family that will be patient and help her come out of her (tortie) shell.

To learn more about Strega Nona, please email Kelli at

Big Anthony

Big Anthony came to us near the end of April. He was the runt of his litter, but had a huge belly that he still loves to have rubbed. He was found on the street so he had no exposure to humans, but he has flourished in foster care. He became a very social, playful, and affectionate young man. He of course enjoys playing with cat toys, but he also likes to play with things like pipe cleaners and legos. He would love to be adopted with his sister Strega Nona, who relies on him because she’s shy. He is great with kids, and loves to snuggle. He’ll even sleep in your bed if you let him, purring all night. Once you meet this little guy, you’ll fall in love!

To learn more about Big Anthony, please contact Kelli at

Sandra Dee

Sandra Dee is a one year old little lady who came to the shelter as a stray with her kittens. She was so shy we initially thought she was feral but it didn’t take long for her to blossom into a perfect, sweet, playful kitty. She is still learning how to be a house cat as she never had a home so she will need someone with experience with cats to help her come out of her shell. But beside being a little shy her personality is so extremely gentle, she loves to be pet and she loves all her toys and treats. She has a funny personality, sometimes you wonder where she is and she is sleeping in a confined space but as soon as she sees you she will chirp to be pet. She is good with other cats, she has never even hissed at the resident cats. She is so sweet she would do well with respectful kids as well. She is easy to pick up, trim nails, do most anything…literally a perfect kitty!

If you are interested in adopting beautiful, sweet Sandra Dee please email

Mitzi (Available Soon)

Mitzi is a beautiful kitten. She has very soft, thick fur which makes her perfect for cuddling. She is very comfortable being held and loves belly rubs (see video). Mitzi loves to play with her toys and enjoys the company of cats and dogs! She’s a special girl and will make a wonderful addition to your family.

To learn more about Mitzi, please contact her foster mom, Rachel, at


If Miku could talk! His biggest adventure so far has been hitching a ride in a car engine compartment when he was about 6 weeks old! Miraculously he was uninjured when a nice officer at the Burbank Animal Shelter rescued him. Understandably, Miku was a bit overwhelmed at first and was able to relax in his new foster home. He is now super playful with his foster kitty sibling is great with the family dog! Miku still has a bit of a shy side but is also a cuddly boy and will purr the minute he feels your touch.

To learn more about Miku, please contact his foster mom, Marisol, at


Hi! My name is Tigger. My foster mom says I am gentle and very playful, especially with my brother Joey. We both have lots of energy, you know, it’s a kitten kind of thing. When we’re not playing, we love to cuddle with everyone in the house. It’s the best thing ever! Check out our video!

To learn more about me, please contact Carla at 818-216-5477.


Lily is a 3 year old petite black cat. She was brought to the shelter with many of her siblings and other family who all lived together outside. She was scared, confused and hid under a blanket at the shelter for three weeks.  Lily is progressing slowly and now loves to be pet on her head and ears. She also loves to play, especially with her wand toy!

Lily is so loving and wants to be close to you. She will need time to become acclimated to her new home and will do best in a quiet home.

Please contact Lily’s foster mom at or 818-515-0002 if you would like to learn more about her.


A little bit of sassy and a whole lot of sweet – that’s Minnie.  But that isn’t the way it always was.  Minnie was a homeless waif having to fend for herself in a world that was scary for her with no one to trust.  The Burbank Animal Shelter took her in so she could be in a safe place and not have to worry about where her next meal was coming from.  But she was still scared.  She hadn’t learned to trust people and would lash out when people approached her.  If anyone was lucky enough to pet her she wouldn’t look at them and would be very tense.  Usually she tried to find the best hiding place in her roaming room so no one would see her.  Then Minnie got a break and went to a foster home.  “What is this place?” she was probably asking herself.  That’s when the transformation began.  After a few days of hiding she slowly started coming out of her shell.  After a couple weeks, her foster mom was holding her and Minnie allowed it even though she was still tense.  Suddenly she must have realized that all was okay and she relaxed in human arms.  Minnie, about 2 years old, is now an amazing little girl.  She loves being picked up and petted as attested to by her purring and kisses.  She lets the other cats know she gets the first hugs from foster mom.  She will play with her toys with foster mom or without her.  She just likes having fun.  Now Minnie’s biggest concern in life is which magnet to snatch off the refrigerator and where to hide it.

To meet Minnie, please contact her foster mom, Linda, at