Felix is very soft and cuddly. He loves to nuzzle up next to your neck and purr when he is close to you. He’s still and relaxed when you hold him. He loves playing with his brother Lucario and his foster sister, our small dog. He is active and you can hear occasional pitter-patter through the house. He is looking for a home where he can bring his brother with him. He is comfortable with children and is not scared of an active family. He is ready to be a part of his forever family just in time for the holidays.

To learn more about Felix & Lucario, please contact Monica at msbaklarz@yahoo.com.


Lucario is affectionate and loving. He looks into your eyes and you instantly feel connected. He meows to let you know his love for food. He loves his brother Felix and would love to find a home with him. He is great with children and our small dog. He is ready to come home for the holidays and meet his forever family.

To learn more about Lucario, please email Monica at msbaklarz@yahoo.com.


Muffin is a cuddle monster who loves playing with his toys and siblings as much as curling up for a snuggle with his favorite human. He is a very sweet goofball who would do very well in a home with children and other pets.

It is preferable that he be adopted with a sibling or into a home with another cat.

To learn more about Muffin, please contact Marissa at mmackey777@gmail.com.


Coffee is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She loves pouncing on her feather toys (as well as her brothers) and curling up for a quick snooze in her human’s lap. She does well with children and other pets as well.

It is preferable that she be adopted into a home with a sibling or another cat.

To learn more about Coffee, please contact Marissa at mmackey777@gmail.com.


Yang is a beautiful boy who loves to play with his sister Yang. They sleep together, play ball and chase each other around. It would be nice if he could go with his sister, but if not, then maybe another companion  would be ideal.

To learn more about Yang, please call Jeri at 818-246-2917.


Jasper (Bonded with Amber)

Sweet, affectionate, playful! Jasper loves play times with his sister Amber and naps in the sun. Loves people, purrs up a storm and it’s a pleasure to have around. Very well behaved, super cute, a perfect kitten! Bonded with his sister Amber.

To learn more about this pair, please contact their foster mom, Barbara, at basiafifield@yahoo.com.


Amber (Bonded with Jasper)

Sweet, affectionate, playful! Amber loves play times with her little brother Jasper and enjoys cuddles with people. Pleasure to have around. Very well behaved, very social, super cute, a perfect kitten! Bonded with her brother Jasper.

To learn more about Amber & Jasper, please contact their foster mom, Barbara, at basiafifield@yahoo.com.



Wendy was a little shy and skeptical when we first met her, but now she feels right at home. Like a teenager trapped in a kitten’s body, she thinks she is independent beyond her age and does not hesitate to let her brother and sister (or foster) know when they are bugging her. Wendy loves playing with the laser pointer and scratching post. She also loves her wet food so much that she sometimes eats more than her fair share – but her sister and brother don’t mind. During foster, Wendy took some time to warn up to our family, but with some patience, she would be a joy to have at any forever home!

To learn more about Wendy, please contact Laura at laurathomasian@gmail.com.


Hello, my name is Kiki and I am a beautiful orange tabby gal looking for my forever home. I am very playful, love my special toy mouse and love jumping and trying to catch anything that dangles! (Even a leg or two!) I am a real purr machine, as soon as you touch or pick me up I start that machine going. I love to cuddle and I am the queen of naps! I can fall asleep anywhere, under the table, in the doorway, in the middle of the room, so you have to keep an eye out for me! Please contact my foster Mom, Beverly, and come and meet me. You won’t be sorry! 213-700-0353 or spingola@pacbell.net


Molly came to the shelter with her siblings in June. All of them were afraid of people but Molly took the longest to come around.  After 5 months in different foster homes her friendly and playful personality came out.  Molly is one of those “harder to adopt” teenagers because she gets scared in new situations.  But with an experienced cat person who understands her journey she will continue to thrive and reward her new family with affection and entertainment!  Molly also loves other cats and gets along fine with respectful dogs.   And her cute bobtail just adds to the character of her sleek tuxedo coat. 

If you would like to meet Molly please contact her foster mom Kristen: kklegseth@gmail.com


Skye is a beautiful teenager looking for her forever home. She was terrified at the shelter but her real personality blossomed quickly in her foster home. Skye is affectionate, playful, and talkative (especially when she’s hungry). She also does well with other cats and a mellow dog in the household. Sky is really the whole package!

If you would like to meet this sweet girl please contact her foster mom Kristen: kklegseth@gmail.com