Henry is the sweetest little tough guy. He’s a feisty boy who loves to pick fights with his other foster brothers, and torment the dog by hunting his tail. But he’ll start purring as soon as he looks at you. And when he’s done running around, he loves to settle in for a cuddle on your lap. He would love to go to a home with another cat or dog to play with, or be adopted with his older foster brother, Miso.

To learn more about Henry, please contact Katie at kheat512@gmail.com.



Miso is a very sweet, but shy boy. He has a heart of gold and the sweetest purrs. He’s a bit timid at first, but once he learns that you’ve got the treats, he’ll be purring in your lap in no time. This guy will need a somewhat quiet home with someone who is patient and understanding of shy cat behavior. He loves playing with his cat foster brothers and would do great in a home with another cat, or adopted with his little brother Henry.

To learn more about Miso, please contact Katie at kheat512@gmail.com.


Mabel is the smallest but mightiest of her brother and sister, and she definitely leads the pack. She is very energetic, curious, and playful. She rarely seems to stop exploring, climbing, and jumping. She loves roughing up her siblings, but also will cuddle up with humans when she is absolutely exhausted. Despite her small size, she never misses a meal – she loves her wet food and will meow non-stop to let you know if her food is running late. Mabel is a great character to have around and you will not have a dull moment with her!

To learn more about Mabel, please contact Laura at laurathomasian@gmail.com.



Wendy was a little shy and skeptical when we first met her, but now she feels right at home. Like a teenager trapped in a kitten’s body, she thinks she is independent beyond her age and does not hesitate to let her brother and sister (or foster) know when they are bugging her. Wendy loves playing with the laser pointer and scratching post. She also loves her wet food so much that she sometimes eats more than her fair share – but her sister and brother don’t mind. During foster, Wendy took some time to warn up to our family, but with some patience, she would be a joy to have at any forever home!

To learn more about Wendy, please contact Laura at laurathomasian@gmail.com.


Dipper is a sweetheart. He loves playing with his two sisters and is so gentle — for a kitten! While his sisters are running around and exploring, he likes to lay back and relax. He takes time to warm up to new people, but once he knows you, he purrs as soon as he is picked up. My five-year old daughter loves wrapping Dipper up in a blanket and cuddling with him like a baby. He is really a good boy!

To learn more about Dipper, please contact Laura at laurathomasian@gmail.com.



Milo is a very energetic little boy. He loves to play with his toys or anything he can get his paws on. What he loves more than playing around is cuddling into a small ball on your chest! He purrs to sleep while you binge watch your favorite Netflix show. He’s a total catch and a handsome tuxedo cat who is willing to steal your heart.

To learn more about Milo, please contact his foster mom, Wanda, at 818-471-0073.



Johnny is full of personality. He’s very active and inquisitive. He loves to play with his brother Champ, then fall asleep next to you when he’s ready for nap time. A very loving, and affectionate kitten, Johnny is sure to melt your heart!

To learn more about Johnny, please contact his foster mom, Rachel, at viollet10@gmail.com.



If long naps filled with warm cuddles and soft purring are your favorite things too, then look no further! I’m perfectly happy just lying in bed or snoozing on a lap all afternoon. When I want to play, my sister Astrid is my best companion. We love to wrestle and chase each other. I also love getting gentile pets on my forehead, which always makes me so sleepy.

To learn more about me, please contact my foster mom, Georgia, at burnsidegeorgia@gmail.com.



Hi Friends, if you’re looking for a spunky kitty who loves to play -I’m your girl. When I’m not wrestling with my brother, Eli, I love to climb everything and take on my biggest foe, the treacherous wiggling string. I love to get my chin rubbed and occasionally I will let you rub my belly. I’m also an excellent napper, which is when I like to cuddle.

To learn more about me, please contact my foster mom, Georgia, at burnsidegeorgia@gmail.com.

Princess Kate

The Princess is a very loving and playful kitten. During her play time she is very very active – running and jumping and playing with her litter mate (Dutchess). When nap time comes she seeks out company and wants to be held and petted. She will lay in your arms and if you stop petting she will reach up with her nose and rub your face and kiss you to remind you that you should be paying attention to her.

To learn more about this darling little girl, please call her foster mom, Jeri, at 818-246-2917.


Chewie (short for Chewbecca) is a shy but affectionate cat that loves to play, but on her own terms. Once she warms up to you though, she likes to cuddle and play. She LOVES food.

She will do well in a quiet, low-energy household. She will get along well with other cats after a proper introduction.

To learn more about Chewie, please contact her foster dad, Robert, at trebory6@gmail.com.


Joey is the most confident and cutest kitten you will ever meet! He’s very friendly and will follow you wherever you go. Except when he’s playing with his foster sister Maggie and their toys, of course! When he’s done playing, it’s snuggle time. Joey would love to be adopted with Maggie so they can continue their crazy and wonderful adventures together.

To learn more about Joey, please contact his foster mom, Kathy, at KSheets2017@yahoo.com


Maggie is the sweetest kitten! Although she’s very shy, she loves her toys and will purr loudly when she cuddles on your lap. Her best friend is foster brother Joey and she would love to be adopted with him! Maggie will do best in a quiet home with someone who can consistently and patiently work to continue socializing her. You will be rewarded with lots of love when you do!

To learn more about Maggie, please contact her foster mom, Kathy, at ksheets2017@yahoo.com.



My name is William.  I am a 4 1/2 month old handsome gray kitten.  I was brought to the shelter with my sister as a stray.  We lived outside and were scared at the shelter and of people. I am learning to trust humans.

I purr very loud, make biscuits and make chirping sounds for attention.

I like sitting on my foster Mom’s lap for pets and love.

After napping, I race around chasing my play mice and jump very high to reach my hanging toys.

I still get scared sometimes so would like a quiet home with an experienced cat person to be patient with me.  I am a very loving kitten once I feel safe.

To learn more about me, please contact my foster mom, Bonnie, at bonjiebonbon@aol.com.


Hello, my name is Kiki and I am a beautiful orange tabby gal looking for my forever home. I am very playful, love my special toy mouse and love jumping and trying to catch anything that dangles! (Even a leg or two!) I am a real purr machine, as soon as you touch or pick me up I start that machine going. I love to cuddle and I am the queen of naps! I can fall asleep anywhere, under the table, in the doorway, in the middle of the room, so you have to keep an eye out for me! Please contact my foster Mom, Beverly, and come and meet me. You won’t be sorry! 213-700-0353 or spingola@pacbell.net


Hi! My name is Star and I’m a little bit shy at first but don’t let that fool you. I’m a rambunctious Chatty boy who loves to play! And don’t even think about being late for a meal or you’ll never hear the end of it. My favorite things are eating, playing with toys on strings, taking naps on fluffy beds in the sun, and chatting to you about my day. Because I’m a little bit shy, I need to go to a family that has owned at least one cat before. Also, I need to go to a home that has another playful cat to help me feel safe and and run around with all day. I may be a little hissy at first but I will warm up to any kitty in a few days.

I would love to meet you so please contact my foster mom, Caroline, at 858-663-9385 or come to the shelter on Saturday morning. I’ll be here waiting and playing. Meow!


My name is Sterling. I was brought to the Burbank Animal Shelter on August 7th by a nice person who found me near the Pickwick Gardens in Burbank. My foster mom tells me I’m a super sweet kitty that has the kindest, gentlest little heart. When we play, and I wrote the book on it, I keep my sharp claws to myself because I don’t want to hurt you! You wanna know another thing about me… I absolutely love to be pet nearly everywhere! And you can stroke my long, happy tail as much as you like! My foster mom also speaks softly and adoringly to me and that just melts my heart.

I do pretty well entertaining myself with my favorite toys but I really love playing with one of my foster mom’s cats. He has become my good buddy. I kinda think he likes me too. Although he’s bigger than me, I can hold my own pretty well. Sometimes I think he lets me win our many wrestling matches just so we can play again! Perhaps he’s just worn out from my playful energy. Ha! My foster mom tells me she loves when he and I make chirping noises together. I let her know that’s how we communicate.

I am still skittish around humans but am making lots of progress with my foster mom. She tells me I would do well in a quiet home with another cat to play with. Cats make me very happy and comfort me.

If my human is patient and can take some time to love and play with me, I’ll return the love and be a really cool addition to your family.

To learn more about me, please contact my foster mom, Carla, at 818-216-5477.



Mango is a playful, fun-loving kitten! When it comes to toys and running around, those are his favorite things! As for humans though, he’s a little bit more shy. Mango needs someone with a little patience and who’s willing to work with him just a tiny bit more before he can trust you! He absolutely loves other cats and needs to go to a home with another cat or adopted with his sister Plum!

To learn more about Mango, please contact his foster daddy, Taylor, at tatorzimmerman@gmail.com.


Would you wait three weeks for the love of your life? That’s all it would take for Abby to figure out that you’re her best friend in the world.

Abby came to the shelter back in March with her sister Sweetums. Sweetums was pregnant and went into kitten foster while Abby was very reactive to people and went to socialization foster. When Abby had opened up and come out of her shell, she went back to the shelter to be adopted but all the sounds and smells overwhelmed her and she had to go back to foster. She’s now thriving in a hectic home with many other cats, kittens, dogs, turtles, snakes, fish, and people–including her sister!

Abby loves to be pet. If any part of your body gets near her she will rub against you like there is no tomorrow. You might get stuck petting Abby forever as she’s more likely to let you know she’s upset that you stopped petting her than anything else. She also loves to sit beside her people and lean against them, though she’s not a full-fledged lap cat just yet. She truly loves being around people, even though she’s so shy at first.

Abby gets along well with both dogs and cats, provided that they don’t chase her around. In her current foster home, she’s more likely to sit with the lazy dog than she is to stay near the high-energy cat who keeps chasing her to play!

Abby’s special circumstances mean that she will be a little bit… shall we say… upset for the first two or three weeks in her new home. She’s still desperate to be pet in new situations, but she’s also unsure of her surroundings and prefers to be pet with a towel-covered stick. Once she realizes the same people and animals will regularly be around (and won’t eat her), she’ll all of a sudden decide to explore her new home and your lap! What’s two or three weeks of shyness when you’ll have such a great cat for the rest of her life?

If you’re interested in a very sweet cat, or maybe two very sweet cats, Abby is currently being fostered with her sister Sweetums. They were apart for so long that they’re no longer bonded, but they do get along well together! If you’d like to meet sweet Abby or her conversational sister Sweetums, email their foster mom Dana at burbank.monster.kitties@gmail.com and she’ll help find a time that works for everyone.








Abby doing her circus tricks

Abby getting pets

Abby being goofy