Katniss is a strong female protagonist with a not-so-hidden tender side. She has the face of a baby bobcat, and the purr of a John Deere tractor. She loves to explore and is very affectionate. Katniss likes to “talk” and her purr comes easily and loudly. She’s very fond of scratches behind her ears, sitting on her human’s belly, and nuzzling earlobes and fingertips. Katniss loves hunting peacock feathers and cat dancers! Her favorite napping spot is on top of her cat carrier! Katniss is fond of her foster brother Emo and tolerant of our full-grown cat Loki. She would be an excellent kitten for adults, families with kids, families with cats, but we are not sure about dogs. She has a gorgeous silver and white coat that looks to be longhair, so she will need a good brushing every so often. (Luckily, she LOVES being brushed!) Please contact her foster mom Amie at brockwaymetcalf@me.com if you are interested in meeting this lovely kitty.