Hi! My name is Zoey! I’m an energetic kitten who loves to play. When I’m ready, I’ll snuggle up to you and take naps. I can do many more things, but you’ll have to meet me to find out!

To learn more about me, contact my foster mom, Maureen at mythreelittlemonkeys@gmail.com.


John is a sweet kitten that loves to snuggle and fall asleep on your lap. He is one of three males in a litter of four. He is well socialized and LOVES to play with other cats/kittens. He knows only two speeds, 100 mph and SLEEP. He will melt your heart with his chin kisses and purrs. A definite joy to be around and promises to make you SMILE.

To learn more about John, please contact Bev at bev.daproza@gmail.com.



Bear and his brother Archer were discovered under a car in the Warner Music parking lot at 4 weeks old. Within a day, Bear was climbing on his fosters’ bellies and purring away. Bear keeps to a tight schedule. He wakes, eats, and tears around the house wrassling his brother. Then he climbs onto the nearest human and sacks out for a nap. Repeat as needed. Bear used to be very vocal but has quieted down now that he has learned to communicate with humans with purrs and headbutts. Although Bear looks like he has a hipster brown goatee, it’s a result of his habit of faceplanting in his food. Bear would like to stay with his equally charming brother, Archer. He is used to a house with adults, children, adult cats, a bunny and a guinea pig. (He has an unrequited love for the piggie.)

Please contact his foster mom Amie at brockwaymetcalf@me.com if you would like to meet him.


Archer is a dignified tuxedo kitty with refined tastes. He was found with his brother Bear under a car in the Warner Music parking lot. His feet have white socks and tiny black spats on his toes. He has adorable white walrus whiskers on his face and we’re pretty sure that the white bib on his belly might be a treasure map. Archer likes to wake up, snarf down some food, and wrassle with his brother, and then find the nearest lap and sack out. He rarely hides and follows his foster dad around all day. Archer has earned the nickname “Meatball” because of his round belly, but it pains his delicate soul to be called something so crass. Archer currently lives with his brother Bear, an adult cat, a family with kids, a bunny and a guinea pig. Archer would like to stay with his brother Bear.

Please contact his foster mom Amie at brockwaymetcalf@me.com if you would like to meet him.





Star is a tiny little sweetheart! She’s a feisty tortie with a flame on her forehead. She loves sleeping in your lap or arms when you’re working or wrestling your hand for the championship title. She has an adorable croaky little meow.

Star will do well in a calm to medium energy home. Star has experience living with an adult cat, as well as dogs of different sizes.

To learn more about Star, please contact Carolyn at carolynjchrisman@gmail.com.


Alyia is a very sweet girl who loves to cuddle, sit on your lap and be close to you at all times. She loves to play but also enjoys being with you. She would do well with a family with children 8+ since she is shy at times. She does warm up when she gets to know you. Alyia likes other cats and does well with my maltipoo. To learn more about Alyia, please email Bonnie at bonjiebonbon@aol.com.