Hi there! My name is Chirp and I love to play all day. I will purr even if you just look at me, and I love to claim your whole lap as my own. I get along with every cat that I’ve ever met and love to roughhouse so I’d be a good companion for another kitten or a younger cat. (If you’re looking for two kitties, I help my scaredy foster sister Chickadee be brave, and she’d love to keep me by her side. That said, either of us would also be fine on our own! I do all right with dogs and cats, but I don’t like when people and animals move too fast or grab at me, so I’d be better in a house without small children. My favorite toys are stuffed mice and cardboard boxes which are delicious. If you’re looking for a sweet, high-energy, happy kitty, I’d love to meet you!

Please e-mail my foster mom Dana at (I’m the good kind of monster), or stop by a kitten fair to meet me!


Hello! My name is Chickadee and my favorite thing to do is cuddle. I turn into a puddle and purr, purr, purr! The only thing is that I am VERY shy and it takes me a long time to trust people. If I think you’re going to pick me up I will run and hide under the couch, even though I love being picked up. Call it a Mystery of the Cat. I love to climb as high as I possibly can, and the higher I am the more I will let you pet me. I will be your best friend if you have your dinner in your lap and once food lures me there, I’ll stay and cuddle for hours. I like other cats–especially my foster brother Chirp who I like to roughhouse with! But I’m not that fond of dogs. They are too forward for a polite girl like me! I would do best in a quiet home with a very patient human who will let me blossom in my own time. If you’re looking for two kitties please consider my brother Chirp as he helps me be brave, though I would also do fine on my own.

If you’d like to meet me, e-mail my foster mom Dana at (I’m a monster in a good way!).


Stormy is a very sweet, outgoing, playful kitten. She has a lot of energy and loves to frolic with her sister, Josie. Stormy will cuddle up with you when she’s ready for a nap so be sure to make room on that couch!

To learn more about Stormy, please contact her foster mom, Rachel, at


Josie is such a sweet girl. She’s very gentle and loves to play with her sister, Stormy. Josie loves to cuddle with you at nap time so be prepared!

To learn more about Josie, please contact her foster mom, Rachel, at


Zoey & Ella (Bonded Sisters)

Zoey and Ella are sisters who came to the Shelter at 12 weeks of age. They’d been on their own for a while and were quite scared when they arrived. They’ve been in foster care for about a month and are doing better. But these two bonded girls are going to need a special adopter who is up to the task and has the time and patience to make them feel secure. Zoey is a bit braver than Ella, so Ella depends on Zoey for comfort.

They are solid grey with cute, short tails with light rings around them! They have the cutest little mews!

Zoey and Ella have come a long way, and will climb into a lap for snuggles, but their first instinct is still to run and hide if startled. A quiet home with a calm family who is around during the day would be great for them. They’d be great companions for the writer who is cranking out the next big screenplay or novel!

If you would like to meet Zoey and Ella, please call or text Sally at 818-261-1681.


Hi, my name is Gigi. I am about 5-6 months old. Don’t let my age fool you, I’m an old soul who loves nothing more than laying on a nice warm lap. I love to play and talk, I can do this all day if I could. I get along with both older cats and dogs. Sometimes kids do make me a little nervous. I’m pretty calm overall and get along best with older and calmer people.

If you would like to meet me, please contact my foster mom, Alyssa, at (626) 482-9736.