Dakota was trapped and brought to the shelter with her sibling and other adult cats. She has been in foster for a few weeks now. Dakota is shy but very sweet. She is still learning to trust people and scares easily, but she’s still very young and with love and a little patience, she can be the kitty you have always wanted! She would do best in a quiet adult home.

To learn more about Dakota, please contact her foster mom, Bonnie, at bonjiebonbon@aol.com.


A little bit of sassy and a whole lot of sweet – that’s Minnie.  But that isn’t the way it always was.  Minnie was a homeless waif having to fend for herself in a world that was scary for her with no one to trust.  The Burbank Animal Shelter took her in so she could be in a safe place and not have to worry about where her next meal was coming from.  But she was still scared.  She hadn’t learned to trust people and would lash out when people approached her.  If anyone was lucky enough to pet her she wouldn’t look at them and would be very tense.  Usually she tried to find the best hiding place in her roaming room so no one would see her.  Then Minnie got a break and went to a foster home.  “What is this place?” she was probably asking herself.  That’s when the transformation began.  After a few days of hiding she slowly started coming out of her shell.  After a couple weeks, her foster mom was holding her and Minnie allowed it even though she was still tense.  Suddenly she must have realized that all was okay and she relaxed in human arms.  Minnie, about 2 years old, is now an amazing little girl.  She loves being picked up and petted as attested to by her purring and kisses.  She lets the other cats know she gets the first hugs from foster mom.  She will play with her toys with foster mom or without her.  She just likes having fun.  Now Minnie’s biggest concern in life is which magnet to snatch off the refrigerator and where to hide it.  This bundle of cuteness will be available for adoption soon.

To meet Minnie, please contact her foster mom, Linda, at lindasarc@yahoo.com.