Greta is a beautiful grey kitten with a soft fluffy coat and little tufts coming out of her ear. She has come a long way from being a scared kitten, but still requires a lot of love and patience. She carries a sweet little grumpy expression, but don’t let that fool you…. she LOVES to play! She can play for hours with her wand toy, and she really PLAYS!!! She loves to be petted while she’s resting comfortably, and she will reward you with a whisper quiet purr. She would prefer to be adopted with her brother, Oscar, but would be ok in a loving, quiet home with no dogs or small children, maybe a friendly cat. Her quiet way will warm your heart!

To learn more about Greta, please email



Oscar started out as a scared little kitten with his sister (Greta), but has come a long way in becoming a sweet loving kitten. He takes his meals very seriously, and will give you a squeaky “meow” when he’s hungry. He loves to look out the window and watch the birds fly by when he’s not tousling with his sister. He is looking for a quiet home that will continue to provide him with love and nurturing. He would prefer to go with his sister, but can be adopted to a home with no dogs, maybe another cat. Oscar’s soulful eyes will warm your heart!

To learn more about Oscar, please email



When Harry arrived at BAS he was a very shy kitten. Since being placed into foster care, Harry’s confidence has grown and he has blossomed into a very affectionate, sweet, playful kitten. Harry can still become a little timid in new situations, but with love and patience, he will be a wonderful addition to a family.

To learn more about Harry, please contact his foster mom, Rachel, at


Rambo is such a fun, playful, loving boy! He was found on his own, no siblings, but has become attached to my other kitties. We jokingly named him Rambo because of his relentless efforts to get the adult cats to notice him, jumping on them, doing flips, hiding & pouncing from the corners… but then he’s really just a softy wanting love.  When he’s tired he’ll curl up on you and take a nap. He likes a lot of kisses and hugs, also LOVES kids.

To learn more about this silly little boy, please contact Misty at 323-868-5544.


Petite and shy, Tiny can be nervous around new people but she’s curious and playful and will warm up with toys and love. Being the only girl with three bigger brothers, Tiny has learned to hold her own and does not let them push her around! She loves wrestling and chasing her brothers and also loves playing with her favorite mouse toy! She is sweet, quiet, and spunky once you get to know her!

To learn more about Tiny, please contact her foster mom, Stephanie, at


Simon is a lucky kitty. He was rescued by the Burbank Fire Department from the motor of a  truck. He can be a little shy at first but warms up quickly. He loves to play with his toys and sister. He will play with my dog when he lets him. His favorite toy is his mouse that he chases around the house. After playing he will come and sleep next to you. Did I mention that he loves his food?

To learn more about Simon, please contact his foster mom, Binnie, at



Meet Eskimo, a Chocolate Point Siamese Mix. He came to the shelter with his mom and four brothers, all of which were found outside the IKEA in Burbank. Eskimo and his brother Archer, are being fostered together with me. Eskimo is adventurous and often the instigator and aggressor when play-fighting. His favorite toy is a fluffy ball he bats around for eternity, until it gets trapped under a spot he can’t get to, then good-times are found playing, wrestling and cuddling with his brother Archer. He will sometimes look at you, as if guilty of something, to encourage you to play with him. Come feeding time, he can be vocal if he’s really hungry. If you move around during food preparations, he and Archer may follow your every step, so you may need to shuffle to avoid stepping on them!

It is my hope and preference that he and his brother Archer are adopted together. If they cannot be adopted together, a single adoption will require another furry companion at his new home.

To meet Eskimo or learn more about him, please contact Carla at 818-216-5477.




Archer is a Chocolate Point Siamese Mix. Archer is much smaller than his brother Eskimo, but that won’t stop him from being the aggressor during a good chase and rumble tumble wrestling match! He LIVES to play. His favorite toy is a mouse with a rattle in it. He will bat that around and even chew on it until something else distracts him that involves more play. He has soulful eyes for a little guy and is the sweetest little kitten. He purrs so loud and hard, you can feel the vibration throughout your body! Archer can be clingy sometimes, so if you are doing something while seated, he will do whatever it takes to get your attention like reaching for you to pick him up and hold him. Falling asleep in your arms or lap is sure to happen when he’s tired from playing.

To fully thrive and live happy lives, it is my hope and preference that they are adopted together. If they cannot be adopted together, a single adoption will require another furry companion at his new home.

To meet Archer or learn more about him, please contact Carla at 818-216-5477.





It’s possible that the first thing you notice about me are my ears. They’re two different colors and right now they’re pretty big. You know what they say – big ears, big heart. I’ll grown into those ears in a few months. My coloring is striking, with dramatic dark markings around my eyes and large brown and black spots on my back. I’m living a great kitten life right now, cavorting with my cat roommates and exploring this huge new world. I love to play, run, and explore. Show me a red dot on the floor and I’m after it. I can play for hours with my plastic cat ball or the feather on the string. And I’m very keen to explore new rooms and spots in the house, so many new corners and smells! Though I love adventure, I also enjoy my snuggle time. I have a really loud purr motor and love being held. I don’t have a mean bone in my kitten body and want to trust everyone I meet, cat or human. Spend some time with me and see for yourself!

To meet me, please contact Elana at


Miya is a confident, curious kitten. She loves to explore and play with her toys as well as her brother. She likes my dig and other cats. She is always right by your side purring. She is one happy little kitty!

To learn more about Myia, please contact Bonnie at


Hello! My name is Leia and I’m an all black kitten with golden eyes. I’m a very playful kitty with tons of energy. When I’m not playing, I’m gossiping with my foster mom in the kitchen. I love to talk and am a social butterfly! I also enjoy cuddling with my K9 foster brother… who happens to be one of my sleeping companions! My favorite spot to be scratched is right under my chin, it’s the purrfect spot. I would love to be adopted into a loving home with another furry companion.

Please contact my foster mom, April, to learn more about me at


Meet Sweetums, the 10 month old, petite, white and brown tabby kitty. Sweetums came to us in March as a very young pregnant cat. She’s spent the past few months raising her own litter of four. Now that the kittens are grown up and adopted, she’s been having a blast just being a kitten herself again!

Sweetums loves to be pet. She will twine around your legs and tell you all the day’s cat news while she asks for head and tail scratches. She can also hold her own in a conversation. She will follow you from room to room rubbing against you and insisting that you give her all the petting she deserves–and she deserves a lot! Sweetums loves to meow, but she is never loud and mostly seems to be giving regular reports about the goings-on in her life.

Because she lived on the street for most of her life before she came to us, she is a bit shy around strangers and loud noises. For a while, she will probably be startled when you go from sitting to standing or standing to sitting. It’s like you’ve become an entirely different person! But after a few weeks she will realize nothing horrible is going to happen to her just because you suddenly became tall. Sweetums is also really good with kids because they don’t change height as much! She would do very well with children who understand cats that like a calmer environment. She is okay with being picked up every now and then, but doesn’t like to be grabbed, so polite younger children, or understanding older children would be best for her.

She tolerates dogs but isn’t particularly a fan because dogs are often loud and are too unpredictable for her. When dogs are around, she likes to have her own space that she can retreat to when it gets too much like a dog-free room or a high cat tree. She does, however, love other cats. She gets used to new cats very quickly and likes to play with them and sleep near them. She would do great in a home with other cats.

If you’re looking for a great friend, a conversation partner, and a lovebug to follow you around your house, Sweetums is the gal for you! You can meet Sweetums by emailing her foster mom Dana at


Would you wait three weeks for the love of your life? That’s all it would take for Abby to figure out that you’re her best friend in the world.

Abby came to the shelter back in March with her sister Sweetums. Sweetums was pregnant and went into kitten foster while Abby was very reactive to people and went to socialization foster. When Abby had opened up and come out of her shell, she went back to the shelter to be adopted but all the sounds and smells overwhelmed her and she had to go back to foster. She’s now thriving in a hectic home with many other cats, kittens, dogs, turtles, snakes, fish, and people–including her sister!

Abby loves to be pet. If any part of your body gets near her she will rub against you like there is no tomorrow. You might get stuck petting Abby forever as she’s more likely to let you know she’s upset that you stopped petting her than anything else. She also loves to sit beside her people and lean against them, though she’s not a full-fledged lap cat just yet. She truly loves being around people, even though she’s so shy at first.

Abby gets along well with both dogs and cats, provided that they don’t chase her around. In her current foster home, she’s more likely to sit with the lazy dog than she is to stay near the high-energy cat who keeps chasing her to play!

Abby’s special circumstances mean that she will be a little bit… shall we say… upset for the first two or three weeks in her new home. She’s still desperate to be pet in new situations, but she’s also unsure of her surroundings and prefers to be pet with a towel-covered stick. Once she realizes the same people and animals will regularly be around (and won’t eat her), she’ll all of a sudden decide to explore her new home and your lap! What’s two or three weeks of shyness when you’ll have such a great cat for the rest of her life?

If you’re interested in a very sweet cat, or maybe two very sweet cats, Abby is currently being fostered with her sister Sweetums. They were apart for so long that they’re no longer bonded, but they do get along well together! If you’d like to meet sweet Abby or her conversational sister Sweetums, email their foster mom Dana at and she’ll help find a time that works for everyone.








Abby doing her circus tricks

Abby getting pets

Abby being goofy