Café Mocha






Café Mocha is a funny little kitten that loves to stare at you until you give her attention. She is a master in tugging at your heartstrings, so don’t think you can walk away that easily…she will lure you back! She enjoys sitting above you on your chair or pillow and playing with your hair. If you have tangles, she will loosen them, if not, she will create them! Café Mocha loves to be held and cuddled and will snuggle with you whenever the opportunity presents itself. She loves to run and play with her two siblings and is pretty good at entertaining herself.

A companion is preferable for this little girl when going to a new home. To learn more about Café Mocha, please call Carla at 818-216-5477.  







Hello there, my name is Mango! I’m a super playful and curious kitten! I have a black coat with faint stripes that I think will get more pronounced as I grow up. My dad says I like to explore and he finds me in all sorts of odd places: on top of shelves, in the back of closets. He says I always have a “how did I get here” look on my face, but it’s ok! When he calls my name, I come running!

I absolutely love being around humans, and me and my sister, Banana, are what you call “lap magnets”. If you sit down, we’ll jump up in your lap before you know it! Unless it’s playtime, and then I do all the crazy kitten stuff, chasing my toys and bouncing around the house. But once I get a little tired, I’m always on the lookout for a lap to nap on, or a human to curl up next to on the bed…or another cat to snuggle up with!

I get along great with the two adult cats in my foster home, and I’ve even spent some time with a dog, and it was okay! I’d be happiest in a house with another cat or furry friend, but I’d *really* be happy if you adopted me and my sister Banana together. We get along great and are like two peas in a pod. (Check out our photo together!)

But as my dad says, I’m an exceptionally affectionate and happy kitten, and I’ll do just fine in any home as long as you promise to love me and give me lots of attention. I’m a real people-cat, and I’m going to make whoever adopts me very happy!

So what are you waiting for? Email my foster dad and come meet me! (and Banana!) You’ll be happy you did!







Hi, my name is Banana! I’m a super kitten! I love to play and bounce around, and I am SUPER affectionate and a real purring machine, especially at naptime. I love being around humans and LOVE laps. (My foster dad says I’m a lap magnet) I sing for my supper and I love to climb the cat tree and perch on top! Did I mention I like laps? I am also a snuggle bug and love to sleep next to or on top of my foster dad at bedtime.

I’m a big fan of other cats, like the two adult cats in my foster home and I absolutely *love* my sister Mango. I’d be happiest in a home with another cat (or maybe even a dog!) and of course if you adopted me and Mango together, we wouldn’t complain! (And you’d get two really awesome kittens! Check the picture of the two of us together!)

So what are you waiting for! Contact my foster dad and come meet me! I’ll run around and play with you, and then snuggle up on your lap for a nap! Come meet me, you won’t be disappointed! Contact








Kiki is super playful, nimble, and plays well with other cats but she is tireless and likes to run around. She’ll cozy up to you at times but is much more about action than sleep. She is definitely a gorgeous, playful soul. To learn more about Kiki, please email







Cappuccino is a beverage best served hot! This little orange and white long-haired puff ball may not be a beverage or hot, but he certainly is a warm and affectionate little kitten that loves to cuddle and play with his two sisters and any toy in sight! He also loves to nap with his belly up, inviting lots of rubs and kisses! He is often chatty and quite vocal when his two sisters double down on him during wrestling matches. He prefers to be in a home with another furry companion or with a human that’s home most of the day to play and shower him with attention. To learn more about Cappuccino, please call Carla at 818-216-5477.







Gidget is a sweet 5-month old kitten that came to the shelter very scared. In her foster home she has blossomed into a nice teenager who is energetic, playful and chatty. Gidget is also a “cat’s cat” who loves to cuddle and play with other felines. In new situations Gidget may need a little time to adjust but she’s worth it! For more information please contact:







I’m Thor. Despite my name I’m a pushover with a love for hanging out with (on) you and purring, and if you rub my tummy you can put me to sleep. Exploring, eating, and battling my siblings are great fun too. I’d do fine with or without my siblings because I’m quite outgoing. Since my foster humans have fed and cared for me since I was really tiny, I’m very friendly with people and love attention. My foster mom thinks I’ll eventually grow into a big beautiful lazy cat that thinks he’s king of the house. To learn more about me, please contact my foster mom Tina at 818-940-5916 or







Hello! My name is Ru. I am a little on the shy side, but when I come out of my shell I am very rambunctious. I love to play, and I especially love spending time with my foster brother, Paul. I don’t like very loud noises and would probably be scared around young children or other large animals, but anyone who is old enough to be calm and gentle around me will get to see how fun I am! When I’m not flipping and flopping around like a furry acrobat, I love to lounge about and be admired. For more information on Ru, please contact Vanessa at







Hi! My name is Paul and I love food! I love being around people but growing up on the streets of Burbank has made me cautious. Bring me a snack and I promise we’ll be best friends. I am incredibly curious and need to be in the know about pretty much everything. Are you reading a book? Let me sniff it first. Are you eating something? Let me make sure I don’t want any. Paul likes other cats but hasn’t been around dogs before. To learn more about sweet Paul, contact Vanessa at







Alyia is a very sweet girl who loves to cuddle, sit on your lap and be close to you at all times. She loves to play but also enjoys being with you. She would do well with a family with children 8+ since she is shy at times. She does warm up when she gets to know you. Alyia likes other cats and does well with my maltipoo. To learn more about Alyia, please email Bonnie at 







Frida is called Fiesty Frida in our home because she is the most curious of the bunch. She is always playing and checking out the other creatures of our home. However, when she has tired herself out her favorite place to sleep is on a lap. She has also been raised around small children. To learn more about Frida, please contact Karissa at







Hi, my name is Bram, like Bram Stoker. I am hot off the streets of Burbank with a fire in my heart and energy to spare! I am loving and enjoy cuddling, but it takes a minute for me to get used to you. Don’t worry! I’m worth the wait. To learn more about me, please contact either Nicole at 909-786-9107 or Kelli at







Violet is curious and extroverted and ready to play! But don’t let that fool you, she loves to cuddle too! She’s a purr machine who will curl up right next to you for a nap! To learn more about Violet, please contact Carolyn at







Espresso and his brother Gelato were found at a lawnmower shop, covered in oil. After their initial rough start in life, they are thriving in foster care. The two boys started off looking very similar but now Espresso is shorter and rounder, and Gelato is longer and slimmer. Think Ernie and Burt in cat clothes. Espresso is a ham and loves to be the center of attention. He will dare you not to fall in love with him! Due to his outgoing personality, he would do better with another kitten in the household. Foster Contact: Elaine @ 310-529-7362