The Turkey Trot Fundraiser!

Talk about Thanksgiving traditions! For the 6th year in a row, a team from The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter will hit the pavement early Thanksgiving morning at the Burbank Turkey Trot!  This is our biggest annual fundraising event of the year, and this year we’re running to hit our biggest goal ever of $25,000.

Members of the team raise funds by asking friends, family, coworkers and the community to sponsor their run. Every dollar donated goes directly towards improving the quality of life of the animals in our care.  Funds raised will go towards life-saving medical procedures, medicines and other supplies that benefit and enrich our animal residents’ lives.

To support the team and help us reach our goal, please donate through our Crowdrise campaign at: You can donate to a specific VBAS walker/runner, or support our team mascot (and super cute Burbank animal shelter alumni) Mittens The Cat.  Everyone who donates $100 or more will be entered into a drawing for a prize pack valued at $500.

In appreciation of every dollar donated, the team will show up early on Thanksgiving day and run/walk in the Burbank Turkey Trot.   As we say, “you do the donating, we do the sweating.”

Thank you in advance for your support and for helping us achieve our goal!

PS: If you’d like to join our team as a walker, runner or fundraiser (or all of the above!) please email us at


Meet Cali & Christian

Cali and Christian are a bonded brother/sister pair who have been in foster care since March. They’ve each had a birthday with us at this point!

Cali is smaller, but the older one at 3 yrs old. She loves to play with her favorite toy- a full size tennis ball, which, yes, she can fit in her mouth. She will ask you to throw the ball for as long as you’re willing, and after that time is up, she’ll bring another toy to see if its more to your liking. She also very much enjoys playing with her brother and chasing squirrels out of the yard at her foster home. At the end of the day she likes to curl up in a lap, maybe under a blanket, with her tennis ball and just enjoy living the good life.

Christian is bigger, but younger, and a bit sillier too. He’s just a little over a year and half in age, and adores his big sister- he will follow her anywhere. His favorite activities are following everyone else in the house around, chasing squirrels with his sister, bugging his sister to playing with him in the mornings, stealing her toys, jumping off of things, jumping on to other things, and cuddling on the couch while asking for belly rubs. Christian prefers you use his nickname Bear, and takes his time getting to know new people. It takes him a bit of time to learn to be comfortable with new people and situations, but once he does, he’s a dedicated friend for life. He’s incredibly sweet, loving, spontaneous and curious.

These two are good with other dogs and have done fine with cats, but will do best in a home with older kids or adults only. They want to enjoy life by exploring and playing and getting cuddles on the regular. They must stay together since they don’t understand life apart- they even share a crate! We would love to see them in a forever home before the holidays- they deserve a wonderful family and to be settled in to their forever situation.

To find out more about adopting these two adorable nuggets, please contact VBASFOSTERINFO@GMAIL.COM

Say Hello to Alyia The Kitten

Alyia is a sweet 7 month old girl with amber eyes.

Alyia came to the shelter at three months old.  She was sick, skinny, and didn’t know what to think of people.  She wasn’t a happy camper.  After some TLC in our Kitten Foster Program, she’s made tremendous strides.  She is still a little shy until she gets to know you, but once she does she will follow you everywhere and sleep on your lap when she gets tired.

Alyia loves playing and running around the house with her favorite mouse in her mouth.   She also likes to run several laps around the house to finish her day.

She’s currently living in a foster home with adult cats and a maltipoo, so she’s used to other animals, and she would do great in a home with older children.

Are you looking for a sweet cat to join you in your home?  Email Aliya’s foster mom at and meet this lovely little lady!

Batman’s Journey: The Movie!

Remember Batman?  (A Great Week for Adoptions) Well, he’s the star of his own movie now!  Check out Batman’s Journey.

Introducing Janie

According to the American Kennel Club, American Staffordshire Terriers are smart, confident, and good-natured companions – and Janie fits that bill! Her beautiful brown and white brindle coat make her stand out from the crowd, and her personality makes her memorable.

She may take a bit to warm up when you first meet her, but once she does, she’s your best friend for life. And she can do many of the things you like to do with your best friend. . . like running with you or hitting the pool for some water fun. And don’t forget about her “fetching” skills. . .she likes that game too.

Janie is about 3 years old, so she’ll be by your side through life’s adventures for many years.

Check out Janie (A080774) out and fall in love today!


We had some great adoptions this month!

Bruce and Gidget (Meet Bruce and Gidget) were adopted together!

Ribbons are the best!

It took a little while, but now our super smiley senior friend Brownie has even more to smile about!  He found his forever home too!

I’m a very happy dog!

Fluffy Feline Sophie also found that special someone and living the good life she always deserved.

Did someone say food?

Not to be outdone, Alfie, who came to the shelter as a real tough guy, but with attention and TLC mellowed into a sweet and affectionate cat also got adopted!

More scritches behind the ears, please!

Best of all, our long term resident, big boy Bison (Say Hello to Bison!) found his forever home too!!!

I like long walks and scarves.

These were just some of the many adoptions this month at the Burbank Animal Shelter.  We’d like to say a big thank you to Bruce, Gidget, Brownie, Sophie and Bison’s adopters, and all the other adopters who gave our animals great homes this month.  Thank you for helping us save lives!

Haunted House Fundraiser: Only Three Nights Left!

Halloween is right around the corner and that means there are only three nights left to see RottenApple907’s Haunted House!

Geppetto is hard at work in his toyshop…but rumors have it he’s not making his toys out of wood anymore.  No one is quite sure what he’s doing, but from the screams inside the house we fear…well, you’ll just have to come see for yourself.

The Haunt is located at 907 N. California Street, Burbank CA 91505 and will be open from 7pm to 10pm.  Only three nights remain:  October 27th, 28th and 31st.

Admission is free, but donations are suggested.  100% of all donations go to the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Over 1,200 guests came the first two nights, so please come early!  The Haunt must close at 10pm due to city permit. More info:

See you there!

Say hello to Crockett and Avery

This bonded pair is looking for a home to spend their golden years in!

Crockett is an intriguing mix of Shepherd, Sharpei, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. This seven year old loves to be petted and endlessly enjoys belly rubs. He’s very loving once he trusts you (the belly rubs should help). He’s the protective type, so you’re guaranteed to have a guardian angel by your side!

Avery is a beautiful Lab mix. She’s also 7 years old, is very affectionate, and loves everyone.  If you just give her the slightest bit of attention she will be your friend for life. She’s super sweet and she has an endearing head tilt. The cause of the tilt is unknown, but it’s definitely permanent. Our veterinarian suggested she could’ve had a small stroke at some point. But don’t worry: this cutie is resilient and it doesn’t affect her quality of life.

As much as they like humans, they would be best with kids 8 years old and up. We’re not sure how they would get along with other dogs so if you already have one, a meet and greet is a must!

This bonded pair is an absolute delight and will make their new owners very happy.  Could their new home be yours? Adopt Crockett (A082753) and Avery (A082752).

Meet Bruce and Gidget!

While toughing it out on the streets as strays, Bruce and Gidget joined an infamous kitten gang when they were mere tots. As part of their initiation, they found a loving foster home to live in. The goal was to gain the owner’s trust, steal their catnip, and make a clean getaway.

Hey, living indoors is kinda fun!
Yep, definitely domesticated.

But while planning their heist, Bruce and Gidget were socialized with children and other cats. Over a short time this bonded pair settled right in and grew to trust everyone. The two “went domestic”, turned into affectionate purr machines, and became fine, upstanding kittizens!

Why so serious?

Bruce is low key and curious, while Gidget is a funny teenager looking for attention.

Gidget and Goofball.  Brought to you by the letter G.

Bruce and Gidget are six months old and they bring out the best in each other.  Gidget doesn’t do well on her own and relies on Bruce, so we’d like for them to stay together!  In new situations it may take them a little time to relax but they will reward you with unconditional love and affection.

Bruce and Gidget are at the shelter and ready for adoption. They do not show very well in their cat condo, but they’re guaranteed to be loving pets once they get to their forever home!

This sweet bonded pair is ready for a brand-new life. Adopt Bruce (A081827) and Gidget (A081141)!

Coming Soon: Halloween Haunted House Fundraiser!

Halloween is coming, and you know what that means:  Monsters…scary costumes…haunted houses….and a VBAS Fundraiser!

For the 28th year in a row, legendary Burbank Haunted House RottenApple907 is returning, and once again they have chosen the VBAS as their charity!

Past haunts have featured a visit to the Unenchanted Forest, and a trip through The Portal to the underworld.  This year’s the haunt will take us on a tour of a toy shop….where things have gone terribly wrong.

No one has seen Geppetto for years.  The lights are still on in his shop, and late at night the neighbours still hear the saws, drills…and screams.  But there’s no sign of the old toymaker.

There’s a rumor he’s gone mad.

There’s a story about kids sneaking into the toy shop on a dare…and never being seen again.

Locals say there are five nights in October, when the wind is blowing just right, it will whisper the word “Killpetto”.

The Haunt is located at 907 N. California Street, Burbank CA 91505 and it will be open from 7pm to 10pm the nights of October 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th and 31st.

Admission is free, but donations are happily accepted.  100% of all donations will go to the VBAS.

Nearly 4,000 guests attended last year, so please come early!  The Haunt must close at 10pm due to city permit. More info:

We look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Pups & Happy Tails Hiking Program

All energetic, loving dogs need some dirt under their paws.  VBAS Happy Tails Hiking Program runs every 1st and 3rd Sunday morning for the shelter’s more active dogs and for some of our volunteers, it is the highlight of their month!

Photo Credit: Molly Minard

Each hike takes place in Stough Canyon (weather permitting) and is supported by multiple volunteers and a professional dog trainer. These hikes help shelter dogs learn how to walk on a leash, interact with new animals, experience the outdoors in a safe environment and have the potential to meet their future forever home.

Super Alum Batman!  Photo Credit: Molly Minard

Happy Tails Hike Volunteer, Nora Hui, said that she loves to watch the dogs’ excitement as they get harnessed and put into the car because they know they are going out. “They are all so excited and ready to go and they all want to be in the front.”

Photo Credit: Nora Hui

One of the biggest perks, in addition to getting the dogs on the trails, is the chance for them to meet potential adopters who may not have gone to the shelter but get to meet these pups in a natural environment.

Molly Minard, another Happy Tails Hike Volunteer, says that the Happy Tails Hike is a great way to promote the shelter and provide adoption opportunities. She says, for some people, shelters are too sad to visit so this program provides a way to show off the dogs without having fences dividing the dogs and the public.  

Molly with Miki (recently adopted from the Shelter! Way to go Miki!) at the Stough Canyon trails.

The Happy Tails Hike runs on donations and the love of our volunteers. You can get more information on the Happy Tail Hikes and Volunteering here. Be prepared to stretch your legs and your heart!

Super Successful Pancake Fundraiser!

Sunday, September 9th was a day filled with lots of pancakes, raffles and kisses from our loving Mia.

The wonderful Deborah Dodge held a Pancake Breakfast at the Veterans of Foreign Wars social hall located at 1006 W. Magnolia Blvd in Burbank.

A yummy breakfast including pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit, toast, orange juice and coffee were served.

Our long time resident Mia was in attendance allowing individuals to take pictures with her in her own photo booth.

The proceeds from the breakfast benefited the Burbank Animal Shelter and guess what, $3,200 were raised!  A wonderful morning which our animals are forever grateful for. Thank you Deborah Dodge and all those who attended.


We’ve had some super adoptions recently!

Bonded pair Jake and Portia (The Benefits of Bonded Pairs) found their forever home this month!

Ok Mom and Dad, one more photo, now can we get in the car?

And not to be outdone, Linus also found his new home!

I’m more photogenic than those two!

Long term resident Prince Rouger also found his forever home!  He has a nice yard, toys, and another dog to play with!

Yep, Prince Rouger is one Happy Dog!

Remember Darcy?  (Meet Darcy)  This special boy graduated from our cat socialization program and found his new home!

He’s now living with his new family and two cats, Reggie and Zeeba.  It took a little while for Darcy to get comfortable, but he’s coming around and becoming more confident each day.

Darcy hanging out with Reggie.

We always said Darcy was a “Cat’s Cat” and true to form Darcy and Zeeba quickly became friends, and after a little bit he and Reggie became buddies too.  They like to chase each other…and hunt the elusive red laser dot.

I *definitely* got it this time…really!

It’s no surprise that Darcy became friends with the other cats, but best of all, he’s becoming more and more comfortable with the two legged residents of his new home too!  He’s not a lap cat yet…but he is becoming more trusting and spending more and more time with his new mom and dad. He’s also giving them lots of “eye kisses”, which is awesome!

Thank you so much to Lynne and Tim who took a chance on our special boy and were patient enough to let Darcy adapt on his terms.

And last but not least, our gorgeous senior friend and long term resident Prince Malachi found his forever home!

Prince’s new mom reports that he is adjusting very well and settling in nicely!  His nickname is “Uffda”, which is Norwegian for “oh my!”

It’s only been a few weeks, and Prince already acts like he owns the place.  He likes keyboards….as in standing on computer keyboards while mom is trying to work.  (I think he’s trying to get someone’s attention…)  He’s also a big fan of head and neck scratches, rubbing up against legs (table and human) and he especially loves being brushed.  On top of that he jumps up on the bed each morning and *insists* on multiple head scratches.  Yep, he’s a bit spoiled, but he deserves it!

Having fun just watchin’ the world go by!

He a big fan of  watching people through doors and windows, and also likes to play with his toys and run around the house.  Not bad for a 10 year old cat!

I’ll just hang out here for a while…

But more than anything, Prince Malachi is super happy to be in a home.  We’re so glad he and his new mom found each other.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the proud new parents who adopted Jake, Portia, Linus, Prince Rouger, Darcy, Prince Malachi, and all the other adopters who have taken our animals into their hearts and homes.  Thank you for adopting and saving a life!

Barn Cats

Feral Cats Need Families Too!

Not all cats adopted from the Burbank Animal Shelter are domesticated. Our Barn Cat Program is designed to place unsocialized feral cats who do not like humans into working homes where they can earn their keep as a natural rodent deterrent.

Two Barn Cat Program cats in their home in Los Feliz. Photo Credit: Bonnie Caul

Sadly, the overwhelming majority of feral cats brought to shelters are euthanized because there are not enough working homes for them. The Barn Cat Program works to place as many as possible in working homes like barns, stables, industrial facilities, and residential yards to give them a second chance at life. Like all the other cats adopted from the Burbank Animal Shelter, Barn Cats are all spayed/neutered and immunized before going to their new homes.

Shasta and Max getting acquainted with their new home in Northridge. Photo Credit: Bonnie Caul

Volunteers deliver the cats (Some as far away as Ojai!) and provide Barn Cat adopters with initial supplies and general procedures for introducing the cats to their new environment. For the first few weeks Barn Cats are kept in a kennel so they can grow acquainted with their surroundings and learn that the location is their new home. Adopters are responsible for providing food, water and a shelter for the cats, while the cats patrol the property and take care of mice and other pests.

A few weeks later: Shasta and Max all settled in in their new outdoor home. Photo credit: Bonnie Caul

Last year, the Barn Cat Program saved over 35 cats, but the number of feral cats is high, and we are always in need of more working homes. If you have a barn, warehouse, or other suitable location for a Barn Cat (or know someone that does), please consider adopting a Barn Cat! It’s a natural way to control vermin, and you’ll be saving the life of a cat that otherwise would have no chance.

Have questions? Email:

Living the good life in a backyard in Los Angeles.

Hikes, Heat and Happy Tails: 5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe Hiking In The Heat

Summer time in Southern California is a classic American dream. Beaches, hiking and outdoor activities galore! VBAS volunteers are offering 5 friendly tips for hiking with your pet during these hot months.

Miki, (just got adopted!!!), on a happy hike. Photo credit: Molly Minard
  1.       The Five Second Rule

First and foremost, make sure it is not too hot to walk or hike with your dog. Place your hand on the pavement or dirt with the back of your hand. If you cannot hold your hand for more than five seconds, it is too hot to walk your dog.

Batman ( a recent shelter graduate!)  on a Happy Tails Hike. Photo Credit: Molly Minard
  1.       Water, Water, Water

Always bring a bottle of water and collapsible water bowl. Many hiking trails now have dog drinking fountains but providing a collapsible water bowl will allow your pet to always get water when needed.

VBAS Happy Tail Hike Participant and his water bowl on a hike. Photo Credit: Nora Hui
  1.       Watch for Signs of Dehydration

Bringing water isn’t always enough. Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration.

Key signs of dehydration are:

  • Tongues curled at the tip
  • Red tongues
  • Excessive panting
  • Pale gums
  • Weakness

Spray down your dog’s entire body and pour water on their belly to keep them cool.

Photo Credit: Nora Hui
  1.       Leashed Life

Always keep your dogs leashed. Unless you are in a designated “off- leash” area, you must always keep your dogs leashed for their safety and the safety of other dogs.

Prince Roger, a current Burbank Animal Shelter resident, with his leash. Photo Credit: Molly Minard
  1.       Flea and Critter Check

At the end of a happy hike/walk, always be sure to check your dog for any additions that may have managed to hitch a ride. Frequent checks of fleas and critters will make sure that your dog stays healthy and will not transfer critters to other household pets.

Photo Credit: Nora Hui

Hiking is a great time for all parties involved, just be sure to remember these five tips and hike safely!  Our Happy Tails Hiking Program gives shelter dogs the opportunity to get out of the shelter and get their paws dirty hiking on weekends…and hopefully meet potential adopters.    (More info about that next month!)

The Second Wave of Kittens is Here!

We’re about to enter the home stretch of the 2018 kitten season…but we need to get through the second big wave of kittens that is arriving right now!  

Each year we see two waves of kittens.  The first in April/May and the second in August/September.   We had 30% more kittens than usual in the first wave this year, and the second wave is building to be just as large.

The Kitten Foster Program needs your help!  We need fosters to provide temporary homes to these kittens until they reach adoption age.  We provide training, all supplies and medical care. You provide a caring home and get to play with kittens for a few weeks!  (That’s a win-win for everyone!)

Click on our Kitten Foster Volunteer page to see our Frequently Asked Questions and to sign up!


Benefits of Bonded Pairs

You might have heard the term “bonded pair”.  What does that mean? The term indicates a pair of dogs or cats that are strongly attached to each other, and become anxious when separated.  When bonded pairs are surrendered to the Shelter, we do everything we can to keep them together.

Digger and Rose came in together and went to their new home together!

Most adoptions tend to happen one at a time, which makes things challenging for bonded pairs.  But there are benefits to adopting two at once!

Adoptions can be stressful.  Everything changes: the space, the people, the routine, the smells, sights, and sounds.   Bonded pairs have the comfort and security of something familiar – each other.

Bruno and Rex.  Happy in their home together!

What’s the easiest way to stay active?  Find a workout buddy, right? But there are times you’re too busy or tired, right?  Having a bonded pair means that you can kick back and take a breather while they entertain each other (and you).

Your pet misses you when you’re gone.  Adopt a bonded pair and they’ll keep each other company while you’re away!

Tomax and Xamot found their home together last week!

Adopting a bonded pair means you’re saving two lives, not just one. You get TWICE the laughs, TWICE the happiness, and TWICE the love! If you ask me, that sounds like a pretty good deal!

With all that in mind, check out these three awesome bonded pairs at the shelter, eagerly waiting to be adopted!


Not sure how he got the nickname “big Jake”.

Best friends 4 year old Portia and 9 year old Jake are a calm and friendly couple looking for a new home.  Jake is a big happy-go-lucky fellow who can’t wait to meet you. Porta is also very friendly, but is a little unsure at the shelter (all those new sights and sounds) and needs a little more time to warm up.  But just give her a little bit of time and she will be your your new best friend! Both are big fans of people and treats.

Did someone say treats?


Bonded for life, Tiger and Sharkie are 4-year-old pups looking to settle down with that special someone who can give them all the love and training they need. They’re very sweet boys who love people, but they’re not into kids and cats. They’re also very playful and energetic, and will require daily exercise.

If you’re looking for a fun pair of devoted dogs, Tiger and Sharkie are your guys!


Pacman and Nala are 3-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mixes who could actually go by the names Peace and Quiet.  Despite their young age and large size, the two are very mild-mannered. They’re just as happy relaxing and being petted as they are playing in the yard! They’re fully house-trained and know “sit.” The “stay” command is a work in progress, but these smarties shouldn’t have any trouble. These sweet dogs are very loving with people they trust. They’re even good with older kids who are experienced with dogs.   Come meet them…you won’t be able to resist!

Dogs and More Kittens Visit the Starlight Bowl!

Having heard about the big kitten outing (Rockstar Kittens at the Starlight Bowl) our dogs got into the act and strutted their stuff at the Starlight Bowl on July 28th.

Places everyone!  Pat McCauley, Mia, Christine Hatch, Nora Hui, Linus and Debbie Peterson right before the curtains went up!  (Photo credit: Debora Dodge)
Mia’s big moment on stage with Pat and MC Jeffrey Hopkins  (Photo credit Debora Dodge)
Mia hamming it up.  (Photo credit: Deborah Dodge)
Brownie working the crowd.  (Photo credit: Debora Dodge)
Volunteer Marina Garcia and Dozer strut their stuff.  (Photo credit: Deborah Dodge)
Brownie just found out there’s a food court!  (Photo credit Debora Dodge)


Not to be upstaged, our kittens made a triumphant return to the Starlight Bowl on August 11th.  

Kittens Part 2!  Double Fudge, Shortbread, Snickerdoodle, and a cast of many!  (Photo credit: Deborah Dodge)

A big thank you to the Starlight Bowl for inviting us to their party this summer and letting us show off our pups and kittens!   We’re looking forward to seeing you again next summer!

Cashew, Daisy and Stevie got adopted!

We’ve had some great adoptions this month!  

After 7 months of patiently waiting, a wonderful family adopted Cashew (Meet Cashew) and gave her the wonderful home she deserves!

As soon as she arrived, Cashew made herself right at home and found a sunny spot to relax.

She also claimed the ottoman in the living room as her favourite spot to curl up and watch the world go by .

The family’s daughter reports that Cashew ‘claimed’ her bed, but allows her to share it…and she loves it!

It has only been a few weeks, but everyone feels like Cashew has been part of the family forever.  Thank you so much for adopting her.

The Amazing Kitten Daisy and her brother Stevie also found their forever home together and are doing *fantastic*.  

Daisy and Stevie now live in a 3 story townhouse.  Their adopters figured it would take a few weeks for Daisy to get acclimated.  Nope! Within the first weekend she had figured out the entire layout, including all the stairs!

Most importantly, she figured out the cat tree!

Being blind hasn’t limited Daisy.  She only needs to sniff around a new place and do a quick inspection.  Then she starts running around and playing like a normal cat!

Daisy and Stevie spend the days in their new home playing…

I can’t see you…but I know you’re there, Stevie!

…and snoozing.  Just like any other kittens!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Burbank Animal Shelter’s Medical Department, the numerous specialists Daisy and Stevie visited, and all the Kitten Foster Program Volunteers (especially Foster Mom Bev Daproza) who worked together to save Stevie and Daisy and make their story possible.

A big thank you to Daisy and Stevie’s adopters as well!  Thank you for opening your hearts to these two and giving them a great home.

Way to go Daisy!  We’re so happy for you!!!

Daisy and Stevie’s story is a happy reminder that while “special needs” animals are often overlooked at the shelter, they can lead perfectly happy lives and deserve a chance to share their super powers with the world.

This just in: Clear the Shelter!

Saturday August 18th was the fourth annual Clear The Shelter day at the Burbank Animal Shelter, and we had a ton of adoptions! 1 guinea pig, 1 bunny, 5 dogs and 28 cats were adopted!

Among the adoptions was long term resident Miki, who now has a forever home with a great new mom, dad, and a furry friend!

A big thank you to the 400+ people that came to visit the shelter that day, the 50+ volunteers that helped out, and all the adopters who gave our animals their new homes!

Mia is Looking for a Foster Home!

Have you ever been looking for a place to live and visited one in which you thought “this just isn’t going to work for me?” Well that’s what it’s like for some of our wonderful pets at the shelter such as Mia. This sweet, smart and athletic lady is full of love but she’s just not feeling the love of living at the shelter. So we’re putting out the call for a foster mom or dad to take in this wonderful girl until she finds her forever home.

Mia is an approximately 3-year old pit bull terrier, and volunteers who have worked with her say she is clearly a “house” dog, who just wants to cuddle with humans and fall asleep in your lap. At the shelter she’s more stressed and isn’t showing her true, loveable self which translates into being passed over for adoptions by people who can’t see her real beauty.

Mia needs a foster home where she can get outside, get some exercise and be away from the hustle and bustle that comes with shelter life. As Mia’s foster parent, you get to take her into your home and help socialize and promote her in the community and on social medial. Oh, and you get to play with her and watch her become her true Mia self. You’ll also have the support of the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Some dogs handle the shelter environment well, with all the sounds and various stimuli that they may or may not be used to. And some dogs just aren’t themselves in the shelter, so fosters take them into their home on a temporary basis so that they can flourish. Through the foster program, we find out more information about the dogs too because it’s a more relaxed environment in which they can really be themselves. And that means more information we can give to potential adopters.

The VBAS has many foster success stories in which the animals have flourished and moved on. . .if you can help Mia be her best, please contact

Say Hi to Stella

Want to add a low-key pet to your low-key house? Then check out Stella! Experienced cat owners will appreciate this approximately 6-year-old brown tabby girl who starts out slow around strangers, but then becomes your best friend.

You’ll soon find out that your lap and her purring are a great combination. She may also be a good combo with another cat, though she definitely isn’t into dogs. She would also prefer adults only in the house

Patience and love will pay you back ten-fold when this lovely lady adds some warmth to your home. Adopt Stella today.

Why I Adopted a Senior Pet

By Irina di Vincenzo

I have been volunteering at the Burbank animal shelter since the beginning of this year and it has been fulfilling in so many ways. The happiest moments are when an older or a long time resident of the shelter gets adopted.  I fell in love with an 8 year old cat at the shelter named Greyson and the moment he rested his head on my chest I knew I had to bring him home with me.  I wasn’t fully aware of what adopting an older cat really meant, but let me tell you something…the perks are many!

Greyson made himself comfortable the moment he got home.  He knew where the litter box was, where the food was, and *especially* where the couch was!  (We had to fight for what was formerly my spot on the couch.  He won but he likes to share!)

My husband and I work during the week, and Greyson happily enjoys the AC and some bird watching through the window.  Here he is laying on one of the many beds I made for him….and I just realized I don’t really own a blanket anymore.

He seems to understand my physical and emotional situations and he shows me his support and love by sleeping on me.  He can sense when I’m not feeling well and pays extra attention.  There’s finally a good thing about getting sick: we get to spend more time together.

When I’m home and taking a break from my busy life, I enjoy taking naps.  Greyson and I have a lot more in common that I thought.

We enjoy watching TV together, although sometimes he judges me for my movie choices.

He is also a well behaved “gentlecat” who waits for his treats with patience…at least most of the time.

Adopting an older cat is a great idea for someone like me, who is really busy and enjoys their time at home just relaxing.  Plus (and it’s the biggest plus) older pets will always have the “thank you for saving my life” look when in reality they have the magic power where they just exist and make your life better for it.

Our Kitten Foster Program Still Needs Fosters!

We’d like to say a big Thank Mew to the new kitten foster parents who joined the Kitten Foster Program (KFP) after our article (The Kittens Are Here) last month. We gained a dozen foster parents….but we received dozens of kittens too!

The kittens are still arriving, and we still need your help! We are expecting another 100+ orphan kittens to come in before the kitten season ends in (hopefully) November. The shelter does not have the space to house and care for them all. We need foster families who can give them a loving temporary home until they are big enough to be adopted. Fostering kittens is incredibly rewarding and it’s also a lot of fun. We will supply training, all supplies, and of course, the kittens.

Foster parents come from all walks of life, and we will give you kittens that match your lifestyle. They don’t take up much space (a bathroom is a palace compared to a kennel!), and they won’t mind if you work all day. Half the day in an empty house is better than 24 hours a day in a kennel, and they’ll be so happy to see you when you get home!

If you can bottle feed, if you can only take foster kittens that are already eating, or if you are only able to foster short term for a week or two at a time, we want you. Click here for more information about signing up to become a foster parent.

Fostering saves lives twice: You’re saving the kittens in your care *and* you are freeing up space at the shelter to save more lives!

Thank you!

Say Hello to Bison!

Fully-Trained!!! That’s what you want in a guy, and with Bison that’s what you’ll get!! He’s an 8-year-old Mastiff-mix who will swat you with his tail. . .in a good way! He loves people of all ages, though kids may not know enough to stay away from that tail, and he doesn’t know enough of his own strength, so he’s best for kids 10 years and older.

He wants to be the only pet in the family, and he’s the only pet you’ll need in the family. He’s very friendly and loves people, and yes, his training includes being house broken.

The “B” in his name also stands for beautiful as this guy has a lovely brindle coat that is a real head turner. Bison has been with the shelter since February and is ready to go home NOW! Drop by the shelter and get your “Bison On” today!

Amazing Kitten Daisy and her brother Stevie

Amazing Daisy and her brother Stevie are looking for their forever home.

Zooming around the house, chasing Stevie up and down the stairs, and playing with her toys. It’s just another day in the life of Daisy the Kitten.

You’d never know Daisy is blind.

Daisy, Stevie and a group of kittens arrived at the shelter in rough shape. They were all suffering from severe eye infections and eye trauma. Some of the kittens lost an eye. Daisy lost both of hers. But that hasn’t slowed her down one bit!

Stevie is super affectionate and will purr the minute you pick him up. He a real lap cat, especially when it’s nap time!  Stevie and Daisy are a bonded pair that love to play and follow each other all around their foster home.

Daisy continues to amaze us each day, but as far as she’s concerned, she and are brother are just a couple of typical kittens who like to play hard and then cuddle up and sleep.

This special pair is looking for their forever home. They love people, and get along great with cats and other kittens. (No dogs please) To learn more and meet them please contact their foster mom at

Rockstar Kittens at the Starlight Bowl

Kittens from the the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter’s Kitten Foster Program (KFP) rocked out to some great tunes July 14th at the Burbank Starlight Bowl!

The Starlight Bowl hosts a series of outdoor evening concerts every summer, and the VBAS was lucky enough to be invited to attend and raise awareness about our furry friends.

Starlight Bowl MC Jeffrey Hopkins and Kitten Foster Dad Jim Richardson interview Rockstar Kitten Barney. (Photo by Deborah Dodge)

Mia practices hitting her marks while Betty waits backstage. (Photo by Deborah Dodge)

Volunteers Irina Di Vicenzo and Kim Freed watch the table while Betty and Barney sample the buffet before their big on-stage debut.

The VBAS would like to say a big thank you to the Starlight Bowl for letting us come to the party and show off our kittens!

Mark your calendar! The VBAS will be bringing dogs to the Bowl on July 28th and the kittens will be returning for the August 11th show. Get you tickets now and we look forward to seeing you there!

Whole lotta learning going on!

This just in: the VBAS at the Best Friends National Conference

20 VBAS volunteers joined over 1,6000 attendees at the Best Friends National Conference from July 19-21 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown LA.

Each day was packed with informational and inspirational animal welfare seminars where we learned about the latest ideas and strategies to increase adoptions and save more lives at the shelter.

We came away with a *ton* of new ideas and strategies, and we are super excited to begin implementing them.  We can’t wait to get started!  Watch this space for more news in the coming months.  Thank you Best Friends!

The Kittens are Here!!!


Kitten season has arrived and we need more kitten foster parents!   We need your help!

Kitten season (April to October) is here and this year Southern California has been hit harder than usual.  Shelters and rescues are seeing record numbers of kittens coming in and Burbank is no exception. The shelter does not have ability to house them all, so this is where the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter (VBAS) Kitten Foster Program (KFP) comes in.

In a normal year, KFP and its network of foster families will save over 200 kittens.  Fosters provide their kittens with safe homes, food and care until they are big enough to be adopted to their forever homes.  But this year KFP is on pace to take in over 300 kittens. We need more fosters to save all these kittens!   If you love kittens, you can absolutely save lives by becoming a kitten foster parent.  When you foster you are saving lives twice:  You are saving the kittens in your care, *and* you are freeing up space at the shelter to save more lives!

Neonatal kittens (0-4 weeks) are the tiniest kittens arriving at the shelter.  They need the most help and must be bottle fed every few hours. The number of bottle feeders coming in this season has increased dramatically and we *desperately* need more fosters who can bottle feed.

Our biggest need is for fosters who can bottle feed for a few weeks at a time, but if you can only bottle feed for a few days or on the weekends, that will be a tremendous help as well.

What goes into bottle feeding a kitten?  Check out this video from Kitten Lady! 


We also need fosters who can take in older kittens who are eating on their own, but just need a little more time to reach adoption weight.  If you have a busy work schedule or work full time these are the kittens for you! They won’t mind if you work all day: half the day in an empty house or apartment is better than 24 hours a day in a kennel!  These kittens are perfectly content to keep each other company while you’re away and of course they’ll be happy to see you when you get home!

The Kitten Foster Program provides comprehensive training for all foster parents, as well as all food, supplies, materials and medical care your kittens will need.  We’re also here to support you along the way! When your kitten is ready for adoption, we will help you market them on our website, social media, and at our kitten adoption fairs that are held twice per month.  Our adoption rate is 100%!

Karissa, a long-time bottle feeding foster mom, reports that “KFP has been super supportive, responsive, and understanding.  It’s so rewarding to see the kittens hit their milestones like opening their eyes, recognizing your voice, and even wrestle each other.  My kids have learned how to be gentle, compassionate, responsible humans because they are helping me raise these tiny little creatures.”

Laura, another foster mom, works with KFP as a bottle feeder on the weekends.  During the week, she fosters kittens that are eating on their own and can handle being by themselves for hours at a time. “The first time I fostered for the weekend, I was very nervous about caring for the kittens because they are so small, but the KFP leaders and the full-time foster were so reassuring and supportive.  I also have two small children and a dog. My oldest child is so excited about helping me care for the kittens, and fostering is a great opportunity to start teaching her to care for animals and the importance of volunteering in the community

If you can help foster, whether as a bottle feeder or for a kitten that is eating on its own, we want to hear from you!  Please click here to learn more and fill out the application.   (And if you know someone who might be interested, please send this along to them!)

And if you can’t foster but would still like to help, please consider making a donation.  Any size donation will go a long way to making sure the kittens have all the resources they need to keep the kittens happy, healthy, and adoptable!

Say Hi to Tiger and Sharkie

Everybody needs a brother, otherwise who are you going to compete with? Tiger and Sharkie are no different! The only thing these 4-year-old bonded boys might love more than each other is racing to fetch the ball. Okay, so Tiger is a little better at that game, but Sharkie doesn’t mind. He’ll just come back to you for some hugs and treats.

Tiger demonstrating his winking prowess.  Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Tiger is the brindle pit terrier mix and Sharkie is the black and white pit terrier mix – both are full of energy and ready to get active with you. They’re also social guys who enjoy meeting and greeting people.

Not to be outdone, Sharkie showing off his “wink with both eyes” skills

Someone who’s done the dog thing before, and has a little experience under their belt, might work best for these fun guys. And while they aren’t a fan of cats or kids under 13, they may be open to having another brother (or, yuck, a sister!) to compete against in the ball fetch.

If you’re looking for twice the love, you need to meet Tiger and Sharkie!

Meet Eve

Two-year-old kids like attention, and this almost 2 year old sweet kitty is no different. Except she’s the opposite of the terrible twos. . . we’d say she’s the touchy-feely-come-pet-me-and-gaze-into-my-eyes twos. That’s Eve, a beautiful brown and white domestic shorthair tabby who is approximately 1 year 10 months old and ready to hang out with people. That’s right, she likes, no, loves people!

This super affectionate and super playful gal is social and sweet and would make an awesome friend for someone as the only cat. Because hey, who wants to compete for mom’s (or dad’s) attention anyway? And speaking of attention, she’ll let you know when it’s petting time by rubbing your legs or sitting up properly and staring at you until you notice! She loves cheek scratches and will collapse in your hand as soon as you start giving them to her.

Eve’s come a long way from when she first arrived at the shelter. Back then, she wasn’t very socialized, she was scared and could be a bit aggressive. But with the patience and help from the VBAS Cat Socialization Team working with her every day, she’s really blossomed. Now, she’s very sweet, easy going and incredibly loving and playful.

Oh, and by now you may have noticed her distinct feature. . .her big ears. These Rabbitish ears give her even more character and cuteness. Adopt this sweetie now make this the summer of kitty love!

Adult Foster Sky finds her home!

Sky is beautiful Pit Bull Terrier mix with a goofy smile.  She’s also a graduate of the VBAS Adult Dog Foster program (ADF).

Sky first came to the shelter when her previous owners lost their home last year.  This active, regal, and fun lady had a very difficult time adjusting to shelter life.  What Sky didn’t know was that she was just ONE loving foster mom away from her forever home!

When Sky was in her kennel, she was an anxious nervous wreck, which hid her bright personality. This otherwise loving, caring and optimistic lady became a shell of herself and was beset by depression, anxiety and stomach issues.  Something needed to be done. Sky was a prime candidate for the Adult Dog Foster program!

ADF connects adult dogs at the shelter who are not flourishing with fosters who can give them a real home to stay in.  Fosters temporarily take in the dogs as if they were their own and provide them with love and care. This makes the animals happier, more sociable, and better prepared for their forever homes.

Mari, Sky’s foster-mom-to-be, had concerns at first.  She lived in a small apartment. Would Sky bark too much?  Sky was so nervous in her kennel. How would she be outside of it?  ADF worked with Mari, provided her with all the food and supplies she would need, and promised her that she could bring Sky back if things did not work out.  Once Mari committed to being a foster mom for Sky though, what happened next was truly magical!

On the car ride home Sky was sleeping in the back seat.  She immediately felt at home and at peace. Mari cuddled up with Sky the first night and they’ve been inseparable pals ever since!  Sky flourished and her depression, anxiety, and stomach issues disappeared. Almost overnight, she became a new dog.

Outside of the shelter with Mari, Sky is obedient, loving and trusting. Together Mari and Sky hit the beach, go to work together (where Sky patiently waits for Mari to finish), or just lounge on the sofa.  Currently, Mari is working on leash-training Sky and getting her used to being around other dogs by taking her to the dog park.

After this experience, Mari can’t imagine her life without her new pal. Mari considers herself a “failed foster” because she has chosen to adopt her “Sky Girl”.  Considering that Mari was originally hesitant going into ADF (and Sky’s amazing turn around) we can’t imagine a greater foster success!

The Adult Dog Foster Program is actively looking for more foster parents.  If you’d like to get involved, and have space in your heart and your home to help a dog like Sky, please contact

To learn about our current adoptable foster dogs, click here.

To see the work we do, follow us on Instagram at @vbasdogfoster


Puddy found his forever home!

Puddy, our most senior feline resident started the summer off the right way: he found his forever home!

This sweet and distinguished 13 year old shelter favourite with the gift of gab was quite talkative the moment he arrived at the shelter.  He would love to regale visitors and give out advice based on his many years of experience.

Master and commander of the counter stool

It all paid off when a nice family came to the shelter looking for a loving cat.  He walked right over, meowed a hello, and did a cheek rub to all five family members.  (Way to go Puddy!) Being a chatty one, he quickly talked them into taking him home.

As an older gentleman, It took a little while for Puddy to get used to his new home and figure out his new brother Oscar, the 80 lb Labrador Retriever.  Oscar was super excited to have another cat around. Puddy, well, not so much at first, but he came around! Now he and Oscar hang around together, and according to Oscar he’s even grown to appreciate the occasional doggy lick.

Puddy sharing “his” chair.

Puddy has a wonderful habit of nestling on your chest if you’re on the couch (or bed), and also loves to reach up and pat your chin with his paws.  He loves to meet new people, says hello to all guests, loves to play with kids and is extremely curious.

Rumor has it that Puddy’s new dad is more of a dog person, but Puddy is working on that…

Look into my eyes, silly human!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Puddy’s family for adopting and giving him a wonderful home to live out his golden years!

Bailey and Piper’s Dad has a big birthday!

The VBAS would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Burbank resident Don Burgess.  In addition to adopting bonded pair Bailey and Piper (formerly Chiquis and Yumma), this year Don turned his birthday birthday into a fundraiser for the Volunteers of The Burbank Animal Shelter.  Don has a tradition of hosting a big party for every birthday “that ends in a zero”, and for picking a charity for his friends to donate to in lieu of gifts. We’re not saying what the number is in front of the zero, but we can say that Don raised over $5,000 for the animals!  The funds he raised will pay for two special surgeries, sponsor over 50 kittens in our kitten foster program, and pay for needed medical supplies.

Happy Birthday Don!  Thank you so much for thinking of the animals!

Summer Pet Travel Safety

So you want to join the “Traveling with your pet” craze this summer? GREAT! You might save money on a pet sitter and have your best friend with you to enjoy your vacation too. But if you’re bringing Fido or Fluffy along, please take some time to get them ready for the trip so that they enjoy it as much as you do.

The first pit stop with your pit (or any pet) should be the dreaded vet. They may hate it, but you need to make sure they have a clean bill of health and are up-to-date on shots and vaccinations. Getting sick on the road is no fun for anyone.

Next thing on the check list is to check ahead with the airline and/or hotels to assure they’re pet-friendly. Many airlines, but not all, will let you bring your smaller dog/cat in an airline approved carrier onto the plane. This is preferred over flying your pet in cargo. Summer and winter are absolutely the worst times to fly with a pet in cargo due to the temperature extremes. The Center for Pet Safety is an excellent resource for more information about flying safely with your pet:

And watch the sleeping aids! Tranquilizers can also raise body temperature and blood pressure while in the air. Check with your vet!

Also, do a little training. Get Fido comfortable in his or her carrier before you leave on the trip by having him log some time inside the carrier and, if you’re driving, inside the car too. Invest in a crash tested dog seatbelt or a crash tested crate for your animal’s safety. The Center for Pet Safety is an excellent resource, listing test results for a variety of products they recommend:


And remember, old food is road food. While we are justified in eating chips, candy and soft drinks on a road trip (hey, it’s vacation right!), your pet wants his same ole same ole treats and food. And make sure they have access to plenty of water. Some experts recommend your pet eating wet food to get more moisture. But if your pet isn’t used to that, then switch it several weeks ahead of time to make sure they like it!  You also may not want to feed your cat right before flying as he may get sick. Aside from the food, toss in some familiar toys and blankets, and your pet is road ready!

Once you’ve arrived at your pet-approved hotel room (remember that whole checking ahead thing), try not to leave them alone. If you absolutely have to go out on the town without them, then put them in, you guessed it, the carrier. Maids bust into the room regardless of how many door signs you hang, and that can startle your pet (heck, it startles us!) into trying to get out.

Take some time to cover all the bases of traveling with your pet, and you’ll have a vacation that you AND your pet will appreciate!  

Say Hello to Mia!

What’s a more fun way to lose weight than eating carrots and lifting weights?  Adopting Mia! Mia is 3-year-old red and white pit bull terrier mix who can help keep you active.  She loves hiking, running, walking, and pretty much any activity. In fact if you have a squeaky fabric doll for a game of fetch, she’ll be your best friend!

But don’t let that activeness fool you!  She loves being petted and talked to, and, well, you’ll find out that she’s also a good kisser!  For her other talents, all you have to do is ask. Ask her to sit and shake her paw that is. In fact you’ll want to add in some training to her schedule so that she learns more!

If your kids are under 13, they probably won’t be able to keep up with this dynamic girl.  She’s been waiting since September to find just the right house with an experienced owner, no cats and maybe another dog.


Adopt Mia and it’s a win-win (with a little weight lose-lose!).

Meet Cashew

Who says long hair is out of style for the Summer? Cashew wears her flowing locks well! Not only do they add to her gorgeous looks, but you’ll have that much more fluffy fur to pet when you adopt this black and white sweetie. And she does love to be petted, once she gets over that whole “I don’t know who you are” thing, then you’ll have a friend for life.

The arrival of a new family member with allergies is why she found her way to the shelter, but she doesn’t hold a grudge because she’s got a few allergies of her own that are taken care of with her special diet.   And speaking of special, she’s always been special as the only pet in the house, though she may do okay with other cats.

Of course a lady never tells her age, but we’re estimating Cashew to be around 10-years-old. Yes, she’s an adult which makes sense that she would prefer adults only in a quiet home where everyone can relax and, you know, pet her! Cashew has been waiting since December for her forever home . . . if you’ve been waiting for a furry beauty, then it’s time for you both to meet!


Beau got a new home and a new name!

The Shelter Favorite Formerly Known as Beau found his forever home this month and is now known as Fred!

Fred is doing great and loves going on walks, car rides, taking baths and cuddles.

He follows his new mom and dad everywhere they go.

Fred loves the water, so his parents bought him a kiddie pool to play in and a life vest so they can take him boating in the summer.  We’re looking forward to seeing photos of that!

Thank you Nazy and James for adopting!


More great news!  Long term resident Diesel (Meet Diesel, April 2018) found his forever home too!

Diesel joined another Burbank Animal Shelter graduate Logan, (formerly Austin), in his new home. It took them all of one day to become fast friends.  The two spend most of the day playing and running in the backyard.

They both sleep in the bedroom at night, and once his head hits the bed he’s out like a light!


Diesel still loves the water.  On the days the pool is filled he’s like a little seal, diving under the water and rolling all around.

Diesel has two other dog friends, Jager (also from the Burbank Animal Shelter) and Chew Chew who belong to his adopters’ daughter and come over to play on a regular basis.  Diesel hit the jackpot and joined a large animal family!

Diesel’s new mom and dad added the following:  “We could not have gotten dogs from a more awesome, loving and caring shelter. Such a great crew of people. Hard to believe Diesel stayed at the shelter as long as he did. Must have been waiting just for us. He stole our hearts. We just love him so much already.”

Thank you Janet and Patrick for the kind words and for giving Diesel such a wonderful home!

Local Fundraising Heroes

The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter (VBAS) and the animals of the Burbank Animal Shelter were the recipients of some very generous community fundraisers this month.

Photo by Deborah Dodge

Local resident and animal lover Deborah Dodge organized a pancake breakfast with the help of the Burbank VFW Social Hall to benefit the VBAS on May 6.

Deborah Dodge & Christine Hatch
They had a raffle prize drawing, served pancakes to nearly 100 local residents and raised over $1600! That’s enough to provide lab work for over 30 animals in need of care!
Photo by Deborah Dodge

Thank you Deborah for organizing, the VFW Social Hall for hosting, and everyone who came out to the event!  All of the volunteers and residents truly appreciate your generosity and support!


Every May, Burbank resident and animal lover, William Hadley, hosts a Kentucky Derby Party with his friends and family.  This year he made it into a fundraiser for the animals and raised $1,541! That will sponsor 25 kittens in our kitten foster program!  Thank you William!

In addition to all of this, several local heroes helped raise money for the VBAS on their birthdays.  Volunteer Steve Dealph organized a birthday brunch at Simmzy’s that raised over $1,000. Brittany Abril, Hannah Low and Cameron Wardlaw (for the second year in a row.  Thanks Cameron!), turned their birthdays in to fundraisers for the VBAS on Facebook. Together they raised $985! These funds will help pay for our next special surgery.

Thank you again to everyone who generously donated their time, special events, and birthdays and turned them into fundraisers for the animals at the shelter.  Because of you, more animals are being saved!

Want to be a hero and turn your birthday into a fundraiser on Facebook?  Simply select “Support Nonprofit” in the area where you write your post and enter “Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter”.  It’s that easy!

Have an idea for a community fundraiser to support our Shelter animals and need some help or advice?  Email and we’ll help you out!  

Police Fire Service Day!

The VBAS came out to support the community at the annual Burbank Fire Service Day on May 12th.

Bonded pups Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced and wagged their tails to the sounds of the John Burroughs High School Jazz Band.

Pit bull Poe the got a special visit from fellow pup McGruff the Crime Dog.

Animal Control Officer John McCullogh got in on the action by demonstrating his special technique for netting stray animals out in the field.

And the best part, Poe met his new family and found his forever home. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and made it paw-some!  

Amazing Adoptions!

It’s been a fantastic month for adoptions. Our two longest term residents, Bruno and Nibsy found their forever homes!

Bruno’s new family had just lost their pup to cancer and were coming to the shelter to donate his things. They had no plans to adopt, but when they saw sweet and lovable Bruno, something clicked. They knew he had to join their family.

Bruno loves kids, and he absolutely *adored* their toddler, Ephraim, when they first met at the shelter. After a few visits they knew it was a match and Bruno was on his way to his forever home!

In the words of his new mom “the day he came home, he just fell into step with our family. :)”

Bruno is living the good life with his new family and his best bud Ephraim. He has totally settled in at his new home, loves going on walks, playing with his toys…and chewing them up. (Ahh Bruno…he did that to his toys at the shelter too!)

A wonderful family and a big backyard. Congratulations Bruno!


Not to be outdone, Nibsy found her forever home too!

Now named “Nipsey” her new family sent us this update: “She has moved right in and considers this her home. She is house trained, sits, lays down and I’ve already taught her how to roll over. We’ve been playing ball with her in the back yard. So far she seems to prefer being with us. She’s a big, loving, cuddling baby. No jumping fences, no running away, no bolting. Just the right touch of insanity. And boy, she is smart and behaves better than you can imagine”

Oooh, this bed feels nice!

Fetch the ‘stick’ Nipsy.

Pool time!!!

Tired after a long hike!

Nibsy and Bruno each spent over 500 days at the shelter before finding their forever homes. They never gave up on us, and we never gave up on them. Bruno and Nibsy, we will miss you, but we are so happy for you!

The Kittens are Coming!

The VBAS’s Kitten Foster Program needs your help!  

Each year hundreds of kittens end up at the Burbank Animal Shelter.  The Shelter does not have the space to house them all.  The Kitten Foster Program (KFP) saves over 250 tiny kittens each year by providing care in temporary foster homes until they can be adopted.  

Many kittens are only a few days old and require bottle feeding and help learning how to eat on their own.  Others are weaned and just need a safe home to live in until they reach adoption weight.  We need you help to save all of them!

We are recruiting new foster volunteers for the 2018 season.  Prior experience is not necessary, just a love of kittens!

Fostering can be a bit of work, but it’s well worth it.  Seeing your kittens taking their first steps, exploring and discovering the world around them, and watching their personalities develop is incredibly rewarding.  

And if a couple of foster kittens playing and scampering about sounds like fun, we’ll let you in on a secret…it is!  It’s a *lot* of fun.

We hope you can join our life saving team and truly make a difference in the lives of these tiny animals.  KFP will provide training, support and all supplies.

We are especially in need of fosters who can bottle feed.

To learn more about fostering and to sign up, please click HERE.   

If you can’t foster but still want to help, please consider making a donation or making a purchase from our KFP Amazon Wish List.  

Thank you!

Meet Diesel!

This pup is looking to kick off the summer in a big way by finding his forever home. This 3-year-old high-energy guy loves meeting new people and is one of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet.

Diesel is a warm weather dog who loves spending time outside. Whether it’s playing fetch and going for a walk or a leisurely soak in the kiddie pool, Diesel doesn’t care. He’s outside!! He’s also a big fan of the simple things in life… like chasing after a stream of water from the hose.

Diesel is a regular on our bi-monthly Happy Tails Hikes up in Stough Canyon. Here he is last weekend with a few of his canine friends Mia, Tiger, Sharkie and Miki.

This happy guy is looking for an active family to call his own. Someone who can keep up with his high-energy ways and give him some daily exercise. Looking for a buddy to help you get beach body ready? Diesel is your man!  Diesel likes older kids and may do well with other dogs in the home, but he’s going to want to meet everyone first before he comes home with you. He’s definitely not a fan or cats though.

Diesel is also part of our Training Program and comes with free individual or group training sessions from one of our recommended trainers. He knows “sit” already and is eager to learn more. It’s a great opportunity for you to bond and find the best path to a happy home. This is just one of the many services the VBAS provides for dogs like Diesel at the Shelter.

Does Diesel sound like the perfect dog to kick off your summer? Come down to the Burbank Animal Shelter and meet Diesel today.

Haku Gets His Smile Back!

Haku, a sweet and friendly 8-year-old orange tabby, arrived at the shelter with a very painful mouth.  Most of his teeth were damaged or missing and X rays showed many broken roots below the gumline.

The medical staff at the shelter did a lengthy dental to extract the damaged teeth, clean up the ones he had left, and remove all the broken roots they could.  Unfortunately some of the roots were too old and too deep to be fixed at the shelter. Haku needed a specialist.

We brought Haku to Montrose Pet Hospital where DVM Kym Mitchell performed further dental surgery to extract the remaining roots and repair Haku’s mouth.  For the first time in a very long time, Haku was no longer in pain and had reason to smile again!

Haku sporting his Mona Lisa smile.

Haku has fully recovered from his surgery and is ready to go to his forever home.  This handsome orange tabby is a super affectionate purring machine who loves to be petted.  He’s an older boy, so he’s wary of dogs and prefers a quieter home with adults. He’d be a perfect Senior for a Senior.  He also likes other cats, and being the charmer that he is, we’re guessing other cats will like him just as much!  

Haku is looking for a quiet home to spend his golden years.  Could it be yours?  Come to the shelter and meet Haku!

Look at that belly!

The VBAS would like to say a big thank you to the Burbank Animal Shelter Medical Staff, Dr. Mitchell, Montrose Animal Hospital, and all of our supporters who helped make Haku’s senior years much more comfortable and gave him his smile back.

Meet Darcy!

Darcy is a true survivor cat and a living example of a cat with 9 lives!

Darcy was brought to the shelter as a stray kitten and spent some time in a foster home before coming back to the shelter to be part of our Cat Socialization Program. Now, he’s looking for a forever home to call his own. 

Darcy is a big cuddle kitty and purrs up a storm once he trusts you, he just needs a little time to get comfortable. Like most cats in our socialization program, Darcy needs a patient owner who’s willing to take their time and let him adjust to new people and a new environment. Once that happens, he’s super sweet and playful.

He’s also a big people watcher and very inquisitive. He loves to climb on a tall cat tree or sit atop his perch here in our socialization room and watch people do their work. At just a year old, Darcy is very energetic and loves playing with string toys. He likes other cats, but is not a fan of dogs or kids.

Darcy recently had severe case of anemia and had to be rushed to the vet to be treated with antibiotics and supportive care.  He spent several days at the animal hospital, but we’re happy to report he’s made a full recovery!  This type of treatment is possible thanks to the dedicated work of the volunteers and staff of the Burbank Animal Shelter and from generous donations from our community.

To show his appreciation, Darcy came to the latest volunteer general meeting with Socialization Team member Nikki to show everyone how well he’s doing. 

Does Darcy sound like a cat you’d like to spice up your life? Stop by the Burbank Animal Shelter and meet him today!

Other Updates!  Tour For Life and Cricket!

Tour For Life

Our volunteers, dogs and cats had a day out on the town on March 31st when the North Shore Animal League’s adoption van visited Burbank for Tour for Life.  

Parked on the Burbank AMC citywalk, our pups strutted their stuff on their big day out and met and mingled with the locals.  Passers by got to spend time with our furry friends and learn more about the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Billy Bob holding down the fort!

Best of all, Snowflake the cat and bonded pair Daisy and Leo were adopted that day!

Thank you to the North Shore Animal League, and thank you to everyone who came to visit and meet us that day!


We got another update about our special girl Cricket!  

In last month’s article, Cricket (now Mitzi), a graduate of our Cat Socialization Program, was getting used to her new home and slowly taking treats out of hands.  

Well, she’s totally settled in now and doing great!  Now she chases toys, runs and plays, and has become super affectionate.  Best of all, she *loves* pets.

You’ve come a *very* long way Cricket!  We’re so happy for you!!!!

This just in: Billy Bob adopted!

Our big goofy Mastiff, Billy Bob, found his forever home!  His new family heard about Billy Bob from Susie’s Senior Dogs on Instagram and fell in love. They packed up their other two pups, Rocky and Zara, and drove up from San Diego to meet him! They love Mastiffs and especially wanted to help adopt a senior dog like Billy Bob (now Buddy).

Rocky, Zara and Buddy on da couch!

Buddy is doing well in his new home and enjoying getting to know his new furry siblings (he’s a little curious about the cats too).  He loves his treats, toys, and has staked a permanent spot on the couch.

Congratulations Buddy on finding your new home.  We’ll miss your loveable face, but we’re so happy you have a great home of your own!

March Madness Goodness!!!

A Fundraiser, adoptions, a word from an Alumn, and The Tour For Life!


Pups & Pints

On March 1st, Gordon Biersch in Burbank graciously hosted our first Pups & Pints fundraiser.  Over 100 animal lovers joined us in the Bier Garten to enjoy beers, brats, and raffle with a ton of great prizes!  It was a great evening of fun for all attending, and over $1,500 was raised for the animals!

The VBAS would like to say big thank you to Madeline Mongelli at Gordon Biersch for organizing and sponsoring such a great event!  We can’t wait to do it again.

We’ll see you all again at Pups & Pints 2 this autumn!  Watch this space for more details as it gets closer!


Stanley finds his forever home!

Congrats to Stanley who found his forever home last week!!!

Stanley and his new dad are super happy, and Big Boy Stanley reports he’s being spoiled rotten in his new home! 



News from a Shelter Alum!


We bumped into Pearl, (formerly known as Ikaika) and her adopters last week!

The Pearl formerly known as Ikaika

Pearl was one of our long-term residents who spent 15 months at the shelter before finding her forever home.  

She settled right in and is doing *GREAT* with her family

We miss you Iakika, but we’re so happy for you! 


Tour for Life Saturday March 31st!

Tour for Life, sponsored by the North Shore Animal League, is bringing their mobile adoption unit to Burbank, and this means a bunch of our furry friends at the shelter will be having a day out on the town!  

Join us on Saturday March 31st from 11am to 4pm on the AMC 16 walkway.  The Tour for LIfe Adoption Van will be making a special appearance and it will be filled with residents from the shelter!  Come down to this off site adoption event and see some of our furry friends strut their stuff and meet your new best friend!  Standard adoption procedures apply. More info here.


Meet Bruno!

This big, lovable guy arrived at the Burbank Animal Shelter back in October of 2016 and is long overdue to find the right home to call his own. Bruno is a sweet, old-soul of a pup with no shortage of personality to share with his new family. His expressive eyes and warm smile will no doubt be a staple on your Facebook or Instagram feed attracting plenty of likes should you decide to adopt him.

Even though he’s 8 years old, Bruno’s youthful energy makes him the perfect dog for an experienced owner who likes to stay active and shower him with affection. Bruno insists on daily exercise, so he’ll be more interested in you if you’ve got a yard for him to run and play in. Oh and stock up on tennis balls. Bruno loves them, almost as much as he loves belly rubs and tasty treats combined! And after a rousing game of fetch, Bruno loves to chill and chew on a squeaky toy.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Bruno a little bit, we can let you in on a little secret. Bruno loves kids. He’s incredibly tolerant at playing dress up, attending tea parties or curling up next to you while you read him a good book. But while he loves kids, he’s not as big of a fan of other dogs, so he’ll have to be the only dog in your life. But do you really need another dog when you have one as great at Bruno?

Bruno is also part of the VBAS Training Program and his adoption comes with free individual or group training sessions from one of our recommended trainers. Bruno is housebroken already though, so you don’t have to worry about teaching him that. In addition, Bruno’s fees are lovingly sponsored for 50% off.

Looking to add a loving new family member? Come down to the Burbank Animal Shelter and interview Bruno today!

One more makes four!

This just in! Burbank household pet limit increased to four!

Effective immediately, the number of pets permitted per household in Burbank has been increased from three to four!

We’re super excited by the news! This means Burbank residents who were at the limit can now bring home one more furry friend, *and* more animals at the shelter can be adopted!!!

A big thank you to the Burbank City Council who voted unanimously last week to raise the limit.

Babs gets her eye fixed!

Babs the Beagle arrived at the shelter a few weeks ago.  This super friendly and outgoing 6 year old gal won the hearts of everyone she met at the shelter, but the poor girl had a case of cherry eye.  

Cherry eye is a protrusion of the 3rd eyelid gland.  This affliction is common in some breeds (like Beagles), and if left untreated can lead to serious complications.  The good news is that it can be fixed!

Eye surgery is outside the current ability of the Medical department at the Burbank Animal Shelter, so they found a specialist to do the surgery and the VBAS made a plan to fund it.

The VBAS would like to extend a big thank you to Dr. Bayliff at Montrose Pet Hospital who performed the surgery to repair Babs’ eye.  We also want to thank our generous donors whose support made this surgery possible.

Hang in there Babs!  The cone will come off soon!

Babs is currently on the mend and resting comfortably at the shelter.  She will continue to be monitored to make sure the sutures hold and there is no relapse, but her prognosis is good.  In a few more weeks she should be cleared by medical for adoption, and then this lovely lady will be ready to find her forever home!  

Free Ways to help!

Do you shop at Amazon or Ralphs? Does your employer match donations or give grants for hours volunteered? Do you post on Facebook? Read on to learn ways to raise funds for the animals *for free*.

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. Register at AmazonSmile and choose “Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter” as your designated charity.
You Shop –
Amazon Gives!

When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter.

**And if you make your first Amazon Smile purchase by March 31st, Amazon will triple its donation!**

When you shop at Ralphs and use your rewards card, Ralphs will donate a percentage of your purchases to the VBAS. The more you buy, the higher a percentage Ralphs will donate. All you have to do is register the VBAS as your designated charity. It’s free. You shop. You save. We save animals’ lives!
Ralphs Rewards    Go to and follow the steps to register the VBAS as your charity of choice.


Does your employer match gifts or give grants for hours volunteers?

Type your employer’s name into the “double your donation” box on the donation page here and find out:

Fundraise on Facebook

Everyone has a birthday! Not sure what to ask for? In lieu of a gift, ask friends on Facebook to donate to help the animals at the shelter.
In the area where you write your post, scroll down and click on “Support Nonprofit”, then enter “Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter”. All funds donated will directly benefit our furry friends at the shelter!

Cricket finds a home!

Little Cricket didn’t know it at the time, but the day she arrived at the Burbank Animal Shelter turned out to be the best day of her life.   

Cricket was a stray.  She and her litter of kittens were living rough in the Burbank Hills.  When brush fires broke out in her area things got even worse. Luckily a local citizen was able to bring them to the Burbank Animal Shelter.

Her kittens were happy to be inside, and they quickly adapted to human contact.  In a few weeks they were ready for adoption and went to their forever homes. But Cricket was still skittish and very shy around people.  When approached by humans she would hide in the back of her kennel. She wasn’t feral, but she needed more time to come around.

Cricket joined the VBAS’s Cat Socialization Program.   Dedicated volunteers came in every day to work with Cricket and build her trust.  It took 5 months, but she slowly came out of her shell and figured out that humans weren’t that bad.  Especially when they had treats! She was still wary, but would happily sit next to people she knew. Cricket was coming around!  All she needed was the right adopter…

Enter experienced cat owners Miki and Erik.  They had had cats like Cricket before, and came to the shelter looking for a “harder to adopt” cat.  They instantly connected with Cricket and decided to take her home!

While she was wary at first, Cricket quickly warmed up to her new family and her new digs.  After a few days she was taking treats out of their hands and settling right in. Her new parents are a musical couple, and much to everyone’s surprise Cricket is most at ease when they’re singing and playing the ukulele.  But don’t take our word for it, watch the video!

We couldn’t be happier to see Cricket so happy and comfortable in her new home!  We’d like to say a big thank you to the Socialization Team for everything they’ve done for Cricket, and an even bigger thank you to Miki and Erik for adopting and giving her the forever home she deserves!

What’s the story on pit bulls?

Most shelters have quite a few dogs labelled “pit bull,” and the Burbank Animal Shelter is no exception.   Why so many pit bulls?  The answer is complicated, but there are a few factors:

Sky says “Read all about it!  Then come adopt me!”.

  • “Pit bull” is not a breed, it’s a label used for multiple breeds and mixed breeds with blocky heads, short coats and muscular bodies, including American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully and several others.
  • Pit bulls are very popular – they’re people-friendly, sturdy, athletic, playful dogs.  Unfortunately, they’re also popular with backyard breeders because they tend to have large litters. Sadly, people who buy but don’t train their cute little puppy don’t know what to do when that puppy grows into a big, energetic adolescent, and those dogs often end up at a shelter.
  • Pit bulls get a bad rap – so some adopters avoid them.  Many prospective adopters tell us they really like the dogs but can’t consider adopting a pit bull because of landlord or homeowners’ insurance restrictions.

With so many pit bulls in the population, it’s important to sort the myths from the facts.

Benson says, “Know the facts, then get to know me!”

  • The most important thing to know about pit bulls is that pit bulls are just dogs, with all the typical traits of Man’s Best Friend. They don’t have any special structural features or mental defects. Their jaws aren’t more powerful than those of other dogs, their jaws don’t lock, and they aren’t mentally unstable (they don’t “snap”).
  • Pit bulls are people-friendly.  According to the breed standard for the American Pit Bull Terrier, “The APBT is not the best choice for a guard dog since they are extremely friendly, even with strangers. Aggressive behavior toward humans is uncharacteristic of the breed and highly undesirable.” Pit bulls may or may not get along with other dogs, but human aggression is definitely not a breed trait for any of the breeds in the pit bull category.  The two characteristics are not related.

Bruno wants to be your forever friend!

 Ultimately, each dog is an individual, regardless of breed or looks. We don’t judge humans based on appearance (or at least we know we shouldn’t); let’s not judge dogs on their appearance either. When you’re looking for your next dog, visit your local shelter, keep an open mind and look for the dogs that fit your lifestyle.  Sometimes the best matches happen when you least expect it!

Year of the dog!

Happy Chinese New Year!  It’s the year of the dog!

Make 2018 the best year ever for these great dogs by adopting one of them!


Who can resist those soulful eyes? If you’re looking for a sweet, gentle companion to relax with after a long day, then you need Gabby! Gabby, a tri-color Jack Russell terrier, is totally chill and happy being a couch potato.  This 8-year-old cutie-pie is older and wiser than a lot of other dogs, but admits she’ll need to learn basic training and house training. In return, she’ll be the perfect companion for hanging out and binge-watching Netflix. And as you can see from her big, adorable ears, she’s a very good listener. She told us she prefers adults and kids 10 years and older. We’re not sure how she feels about other animals – she’s a bit tight-lipped about that. So, if you’re looking for someone to share your life (and lazy days) with, then you need to adopt Gabby (A078082)!

Billy Bob

Alright, here is a face for the ages!  One look at Billy Bob and your heart is guaranteed to expand a few sizes!  He is an 8-year-old black brindle Mastiff and Boxer mix that loves affection and some down-right good conversation.  Billy Bob seeks an owner with “large dog handling” experience, and will gain greatly from regular, focused basic training.  Who says you can’t teach an older dog new tricks?  You can when they are as sweet and sociable as this big fella!  Billy Bob is so cool, he even gets along with other canine companions!.  This handsome lad loves people, is good with kids, and is ready to find a family for the second time around!  Do you have the space for Billy Bob (A077061), because this boy is surely worth making room for!   


Get your tail up and get moving with Mia!  She’s a red and white pit bull terrier girl, full of energy, waiting to find her high-octane human partner!  Mia is very pretty and the perfect size for all sorts of fun outdoor activities, like hiking, running, camping… the list goes ON!  Her amber eyes and adorable white chest patch will keep you motivated, when there are miles to go!  So, if you’ve got what it takes, and are ready to love a sweet, furry pup, then mix it up with Mia (A076891)!   


Get up and get excited, because Diesel is in the house!  This black and white pit bull terrier boy is a very sweet pup with loads of energy, is just under 4 years old, and he cannot wait to meet you!  Diesel will need daily exercise (don’t we all?) and will make the ideal companion for hiking, running, speed-walking, and regular-speed-walking.  He has a jolly face and a cute white chest patch to go along with his bubbly personality!  Diesel likes kids, but they must be older, because he doesn’t understand his excitable strength, and we don’t want any little ones accidentally getting knocked over.  No cats for this canine, please.  So, has this paragraph gotten you amp’d up?!  Then get your tail to the shelter and take home a handsome fellow like Diesel (A076264)!


Cream colored, like an Arizona desert adobe, Robbie will warm up your life with his endearing personality and lovely look.  He is a 5-year-old Chinese Sharpei and Chihuahua mix that needs daily exercise and some fun, basic training.  Robbie is a balanced boy; he loves the affection of human companions, but also enjoys his independence as well.  More mature youths, above the age of 13, and cool, compassionate adults will provide the perfect vibe for this fella.  He can hold a respectable conversation, too, so Robbie’s home should be in a house, not in an apartment complex.  Have you been watching the sands of time go by without a furry friend by your side?  Remedy that right away by adopting a handsome, deserving dog like Robbie (A076303)!   

Updates from last month!

Libra (A great week for Adoptions) has taken a new name, Ellie, and is doing great!  She was a little shy at the shelter, but has blossomed in her new home.

Cinema and Bennie were adopted and found their forever home!   Here are photos of them in their new digs!

Lena (Lena gets her knee fixed!) went for her follow-up with the doctor to check on her knee.   Doctors say she can gradually increase her activity level and will be back to normal in the next few weeks with no additional checkups required on her knee!  And then, on her first day available for adoption, she found her forever home!

Gimpy the kitten (Kittens kittens everywhere) recovered from her eye surgeries and was cleared for adoption!   She was quickly adopted by the family that had adopted her littermates Jax and Gemma.  All three are together again!  Best news ever!

Gimpy, Gemma, and Jax.



Meet Nibsy

Nibsy came to the Burbank Animal Shelter back in late 2016. At the time, this year-old pup was just a little too high-energy for her owner. Flash forward over a year later, this sweet girl is still waiting patiently to find the perfect family to keep up with her excitement for life and paws-itive attitude.

Looking for an exercise partner for your daily run around the neighborhood or a hike in the canyon? Nibsy is your girl. She loves getting out of the Shelter and participating in our bi-monthly Happy Tails hikes up in Stough Canyon with our other high-energy dogs. In addition to an active family, Nibsy would love it if you had a home with a yard for her to play in. She’s a true warm weather dog who loves to cool off in a wading pool after a rousing game of fetch or time with her favorite outdoor toys. Nibsy is an affectionate girl too. She’s loves giving kisses and letting you know how happy she is with her tail wagging.

Nibsy is also part of the VBAS Training Program and comes with free individual or group training sessions from one of our recommended trainers with adoption. She knows how to sit and stay already (although, admittedly not a big fan of the latter), so with a little time and effort she’ll be easy to train beyond those skills. Every family has a different way of living and training helps both the family and the her find the best path to a happy home. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for her to bond with her new family.

Does Nibsy sound like the right girl for your life? Stop by the Burbank Animal Shelter and meet her today.

For more information about Nibsy, and all of our adoptable dogs, click here.

Say Hello to Ivy!

Ivy (aka “Belle”) is a “cat’s cat.” She has yet to meet another cat she doesn’t like. She’s super sweet and curious. And her big eyes and innocent face are undeniably adorable. Her markings are quite unique – we like to think the black shaped heart on her side is nature’s special stamp of approval! She’s very quiet and rarely meows unless something sparks her attention. She likes to sit very prim and proper as she watches what’s going on, but she happily plays with other cats as well.

Ivy would do extremely well in a quiet home. She dislikes loud noises or things moving quickly around her. She gets nervous the first time you start to pet her, but she very quickly realizes, “Hey I’m loving this!” and closes her eyes, purring with contentment. She’s shy, but with time she’ll play with a human, especially if they have her favorites – a wand toy and treats!

This beautiful girl needs to go to a home with at least one other cat and an understanding owner who is willing to take the time to build her trust.

And if Ivy isn’t special enough…she’s a graduate of the VBAS Cat Socialization program!

The Cat Socialization program is made up of a team of volunteers who come to the shelter every day to work with cats, like Ivy, who are scared, shy, or semi-feral. These cats do not do well in a shelter environment, so it’s important they receive daily attention and interaction. The team works to socialize them so they learn to trust humans and can eventually be adopted into a loving home.

10 graduates from the cat socialization program were adopted in 2017….let’s make Ivy the first of 2018!

This just in: A great week for adoptions!

Every adoption at the shelter makes us happy, but last week was something really special.  In the span of seven days four very loved guests found their forever homes.  

After a patient 7 month wait, Princess found her Prince Charming!  

She’s doing great and living the pampered life in her new castle.

Not to be outdone, fellow 7 month resident Luna found her new home a few days later!

Then came Fantastic Friday.

Our beautiful but shy Libra made a connection with a wonderful couple and found her forever home.

And after 16 long months, the shelter’s favourite superhero, *Batman* was adopted!

Bats is doing *great* in his new home, and he and his new family could not be happier.  We wish him the absolute best in his new adventures!

Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters who made these happy adoption stories possible!

Cinema & Bennie

Looking for a pair of young, beautiful cats to come home to?  Cinema and Bennie may be for you!

Cinema and her bonded brother Bennie were former residents of the Burbank Animal Shelter who were adopted into a wonderful home back in August 2016.  Unfortunately, life sometimes doesn’t work out and, due to family issues, they came back to us a few months ago and are awaiting their true “forever” home.

Cinema is a gorgeous 5 year old tortoiseshell Maine Coon mix with beautiful soft, long hair.  She is definitely the more outgoing of the pair, greets everyone and loves head scratches.  She is curious and loves to explore.

Bennie is a 2 year old dapper black-and-white short-haired cat who is much more shy than his extrovert sister.  He takes time to warm up, but is very sweet once he does.  He likes to hide under his blanket and will need some time to become comfortable and trust his surroundings.

This wonderful pair of cats will need a patient owner who will let them become comfortable in their new home and will give them lots of love and socializing.  With understanding and time, they will repay all your efforts ten-fold!  

For more information about Cinema and Bennie, and all our adoptable cats, click here.

Chip on the mend…

Meet Chip and Dale! This bonded pair of 10-month old Chihuahua brothers arrived at the Burbank Animal Shelter just before New Years. Like their animated duo namesake, these boys know how to make life interesting and full of adventure. Dale (A078749) is white and brown and more reserved at first, while Chip (A078750) is brown and tan and loves being active.

Chip got a little too excited looking for his forever home at the Shelter and accidentally broke his foot recently. Don’t worry though, after a short surgery, doctors were able to repair his leg and he’ll make a full recovery. He’ll be good as new soon and on to some exciting new adventures with Dale. Thanks to our generous donors, specialized surgeries like this are possible for pups like Chip. In the meantime, Dale is making sure Chip gets lots of rest and daily cuddles from the staff and volunteers at the Shelter.  

Chip and Dale are both super sweet boys looking to give lots of love and kisses to their new adoptive family. Think you have room in your home for these two adventurous, lovable boys? Check out or follow us on Facebook to learn more about when these boys will be ready and available to find their new forever home.  

Awesome adoptions in 2017

2017 was a great year for adoptions at the Burbank Animal Shelter.  940 animals were adopted, and another 388 wayward dogs and cats were reunited with their owners.

We’re overjoyed every time an animal finds a home, but some adoptions last year were extra special.  This is the story of seven long term residents who (finally!) found their forever homes in 2017.

Beautiful 9 year old Gwen, found her home in March.  Gwen was a staff and volunteer favorite in the shelter and then moved on to being an inaugural member of the Adult Dog Foster Program. More than two years after entering the shelter Gwen has a house with a yard to call her own! 

Magnificent Midnight learned that humans weren’t so bad after all and graduated from our Cat Socialization Program.  He also found his home in March, two weeks shy of his one year anniversary.  

There’s a saying about April Showers, but for months Ezra and her sun hat didn’t get the notice.  Finally April was all sunshine and rainbows for Ezra as she found her forever home!

In June, Lovely Layla met some wonderful adopters and it was love at first sight.  Layla started her summer the right way: in a new home!

November was a double treat when Maggie and Captain Kirk went to their awesome new home together!  Thanks to the tireless work of our Socialization Team, Kirk learned he didn’t have to run every time a door opened and Maggie came out of her shell and learned that humans are really OK.  These two met in our Socialization program and brought out the best in each other.  We were so happy they were adopted together!

Everyone got a great Christmas present in December when Ace and Artie were adopted!  This bonded pair of brothers were with us almost two years, but found their forever home for the holidays.  Just like Gwen, Artie and Ace have the Adult Dog Foster Program to thank for finding them their new homes. 

All of our long term residents had something in common:  They never gave up.  And we never gave up on them. 

Thanks to supporters like you, we were able to give them the attention, the medical care, and most importantly, the time they needed to find their forever homes.  None of this would have been possible without your support.  Thank you for helping save them, and for continuing to help us save lives in 2018.

Kittens Kittens everywhere!

2017 was another busy year for the VBAS’s Kitten Foster Program (KFP): over 250 kittens were saved!

During kitten season (April – November) hundreds of orphan kittens come to the Burbank Animal Shelter.  Some are just a few days old, and almost all of them are too young to be adopted.  The shelter does not have the space to house all of these kittens, nor the staffing to provide the 24/7 care the smallest kittens require.

Enter the Kitten Foster Program!  Founded in 2001, KFP is made up of a group of dedicated volunteer foster parents who take in these tiny orphans and provide them a loving home until they are big enough to be adopted.  Neonatal kittens receive bottle feeding around the clock.  Scared kittens are socialized.  When a kitten is ill or needs a checkup or vaccination, the fosters work with the medical team at the shelter to make sure these kittens get the care they need.


Little Gimpy was born with Entropin.  Her eyelids were folded the wrong way causing her eyelashes to rub against the eye.  Thanks to KFP and our medical program, after two surgeries and medication, she’s getting better and on the road to recovery and being adopted!


While fostering can be hard work, it’s also a lot of fun.  Seeing kittens taking their first steps, learning to play, and watching their personalities develop is incredibly rewarding.  And who doesn’t love playing with a kitten or having one nap on your lap?

Right now only a handful of kittens remain in the program, but in a few short months kitten season will start again.  We are always in need of new foster parents: think about joining the team!   No experience is necessary, just a love for kittens.  Training is provided along with food, supplies, and medical care.  

Once your kittens are adoptable we have all the tools to find them their new homes.  We promote on social media, our website, at the shelter, and kitten adoption fairs are held twice a month.  Our adoption rate is 100%!

If you’d like to learn more about joining the team, click here.  And if you are unable to foster, please consider making a donation.  The Kitten Foster Program is staffed entirely by volunteers and relies 100% upon donations for funding.

We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to the foster parents and everyone who supported the Kitten Foster Program in 2017.  Because of you over 250 lives were saved.  And because of you we will continue to save lives in 2018.


Lena gets her knee fixed!

Lena is a Pit Bull with a heart of gold, always willing to please people around her. Her classic gray and white coat and thoughtful face make her a stunning beauty and her easy-going personality make her the ideal dog for any size family.

Lena came to the Burbank Animal Shelter and quickly won over the hearts of the volunteers and staff, but it was soon discovered she had damage to her Cruciate Ligament in her knee. Similar to the ACL in humans, this is the ligament that stabilizes the knee joint. After a consultation at the VCA West LA Animal Hospital, doctors determined a specialized surgery was needed to fix the damage.

In early November, Lena underwent surgery to repair her knee, and spent most of the month getting plenty of rest and daily ice pack therapy on her incision to help with swelling and discomfort. No one likes to be out of commission and recover from surgery, especially Lena. She missed going to the yard, playing fetch and walking around the Shelter. But staying off her leg as much as possible was crucial for her to fully heal.  No running. No jumping. A difficult task for a dog like Lena who just wants to show you some love.

Volunteers and staff made sure that she received lots of special attention, cuddles and belly rubs in her kennel to help speed up the recovery process. Every day, her knee got stronger and by early December she was able to go on short walks on her leash again. This made her very happy, even if she couldn’t fully run or jump yet.

The VBAS is very happy to report that Lena is well on her way to a full recovery. She has another follow up appointment with her doctor in a few weeks and will hopefully be cleared for adoption to a forever home soon. Keep watching our website and Facebook page to learn more about when Lena will be available for adoption.

Specialized surgeries like Lena’s are possible thanks to the generous donations from the community and people like you.  Thank you to everyone who donated to the VBAS in 2017 and helped make Lena’s story a happy one!

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Community Foundation of the Verdugos Announces $12,000 grant for The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter

On September 21st, 2016 the Community Foundation of the Verdugos (CFV) Board of Directors voted to grant $12,000 to The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter (VBAS) toward the purchase of a chemistry/blood gas analysis machine and hematology analyzer to be used for in-house diagnostics. Shelter veterinarians can immediately diagnose infections, illnesses, malnutrition and internal body functions and prescribe life saving treatment. Through the purchase of this piece of permanent equipment, the Foundation will positively impact shelter animals for many years to come.

As a nonprofit partner to the Burbank Animal Shelter, the VBAS and shelter staff have been working side-by-side since 1994 providing a helping hand to homeless pets in our community. The VBAS Medical Program was one of the earliest identified program established by our nonprofit and since its inception, has been dedicated to providing vaccinations, examinations and testing for disease for all animals that enter the shelter, ensuring pets are healthy before being adopted.

“We are proud to be able to help support the fine efforts of the VBAS through this grant that is going to save countless lives and improve the impact of the shelter’s work,”  said CFV Chief Executive Officer, Edna Karinski. “As a community foundation, we also want to remind donors that their support of the foundation makes grants such as this possible.”

The Community Foundation of the Verdugos’ goal to provide financial resources supporting the community, along with the VBAS dedication to provide quality care, enrichment and health services for homeless animals, creates a great example of how donors who want to make a significant impact link up with nonprofit organizations for the benefit of our greater community.

The Community Foundation of the Verdugos, a publicly supported charitable endowment with approximately $11 million in assets, makes grants from the earnings of its invested contributions to local nonprofit organizations in the greater Verdugo area.

Coyote ‘Hazing’ Techniques

Wildlife advocates educates homeowners on ‘coyote hazing’ techniques
Randi Feilich, representative of the nonprofit Project Coyote, demonstrates how people can protect themselves and wildlife at the same time. Read the full story here and watch the video.


LA Times Discusses Burbank Animal Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Small!

Our very own Dr. Small has been recognized in this wonderful article for his continuing effort to improve the lives of animals.  You can read all about it from the LA Times!

LA Times: “Warner Bros. spruces up Burbank Animal Shelter”

The LA Times ran a piece about how Warner Bros. Studios has been helping the shelter!

Burbank Leader: “Pet project grows out of partnership”

The Burbank Leader ran a piece about how Warner Bros. Studios has been helping the shelter!

Check out the VBAS radio spot!

If you haven’t had a chance to hear the VBAS radio spot that airs on KIIS-FM 102.7, KOST-FM 103.5, KBIG-FM 104.3, KFI-AM 640, KHHT-FM 92.3, KTLK-AM 1150, KLAC-AM 570 and STAR-FM 98.7, you can listen to it here!
VBAS radio spot