Medical Program

The VBAS Medical Program started under the direction of volunteer veterinarian, Dr. Martin Small, D.V.M. Since then, our medical program has evolved to provide vaccinations, examinations and disease testing for all animals that enter the shelter, ensuring pets are healthy before being adopted.

VBAS volunteers assist the medical staff with routine examinations pre- and post-surgery and help transport animals to and from appointments with specialists. The VBAS also funds special needs examinations and surgeries for our animal residents.

Here are some of our medical success stories:

Simon came to the shelter in quite a state.  He had been living rough on the streets and it showed.  He was thin, his coat was a mess, and he had a cherry eye in his right eye, which caused his third eyelid to protrude.  Simon needed surgery to repair his eye and a lot of TLC.  Read his story.

Ginger was having a really bad day when she arrived at the shelter.  She was hit by a car and needed surgery to repair her broken pelvis and knee.  Learn about her story and recovery.

There’s not much to smile about when you’ve got a mouth full of damaged or missing teeth. Jupiter, a super sweet senior cat, needed extensive dental work in order to get his smile back.  Read how Jupiter got his smile back.

Seniors for Seniors

It’s never too late to find the love of your life!

Senior pets and senior people seem to have a special bond, and matching them provides a wonderful sense of companionship for both. Pets provide special enrichment and documented health benefits to the lives of mature adults. An older pet has a great deal of love and affection still to give. Mature pets are typically more mellow, require only moderate exercise, have already been trained, and fit into the lifestyle of older adults easily. Like senior humans, senior pets enjoy the time to relax and savor the pleasures of life. For these reasons the VBAS has established a Seniors for Seniors discount. Any Southern California resident age 60 and older may adopt a Burbank Animal Shelter “senior” dog or cat age seven or older, and the VBAS will waive 75% of the adoption fee (proof of age and residency is required.)

Come to the shelter and visit our selection of wonderful mature dogs and cats waiting for a new home.

Visit the complete listing of all of our available animals!