Pick a Card and Get 50% Off Adoption Fees

527campaign_smWhen: NOW!
Where: Burbank Animal Shelter
What: 50% off Adoption Fees Special
Stop by the Burbank Animal Shelter and pick a card to get 50% off adoption fees if an animal is at the shelter:
– 5 months or longer
– or is 7 years or older
– or is a bonded pair (must be adopted together)
Look for the cards in the kennels. Standard adoption screening process applies.

Kitten Foster Volunteer showcase

Puppy Wish List

The Puppy Foster Program is managed solely by the VBAS and is 100% funded by monetary and in-kind donations made to the organization. Countless canine lives are saved each year by this highly successful program, but we have a continual need for additional supplies.

Please support the VBAS by contributing any available amount of the following items:

  • Amazon Wish List
  • Evanger’s Natural Classic canned puppy food
  • Wee pads
  • Gerber Baby Food – Chicken or Turkey
  • Fortiflora Nutritional Supplement
  • Soft, puppy-safe toys
  • Heating Pads
  • Small puppy crates & playpens
  • X-pens
  • Make a cash donation

Donations like these, or clean (new or used) towels and puppy beds can be dropped off at the shelter during business hours. Thank you for your contributions!

Amazon Foster Wish List


Barn Cat Program

Save a life—adopt a barn cat today!

Many outdoor, unsocialized cats will never be able to be adopted as pets. Indeed, when brought to a shelter and caged, these outdoor cats may not be able to be handled at all. They may be feral, semi-feral, or just cats who have other behavior issues that make them unsuitable as indoor pets. They are healthy, have had their shots and in return for a safe and comfortable environment, food and water can become a working cat in your barn or warehouse.

The VBAS Barn Cat program was created to give outdoor cats a second chance. Without barn adopters, they have nowhere else to go. If you have a working barn or safe, protected outbuilding, there are cats who need you. Ideal locations include: barns or stables, industrial facilities, residential yards and hotel gardens. Our volunteers will provide you with the procedure for introducing the cat to your environment, answer questions about the process, and deliver the cats to your location.

These cats require minimal care. They must be fed once a day and be provided with a safe refuge to gain protection against the elements and to have a means to escape from natural predators such as coyotes. Barn cats provide a great service as they are a natural deterrent to rats and mice. Adopting a barn cat is also a great solution for people who love cats but cannot have them indoors due to allergies.

For more information on adopting barn cats please contact the VBAS at barncat@thevbas.org or click on the flyer below:







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