Linus is a handsome 6-year-old Lab/ Pit mix that’s looking to nuzzle his way into your heart! He’s a strong and active boy, so he’d be a good companion for an active home that can give him daily exercise and some basic training. Whether it be playing in the yard, going for a hike, or accompanying you on a run, he soaks it all up! Once he’s burnt off some of his energy, you’ll never find a more personable and loving cuddle bug. Linus loves hanging out with people, but we haven’t found another dog that he gets along with yet. He might do well with a docile female dog, so a meet and greet is a must. Head on down to the Burbank Animal Shelter and check out Linus, A081558!


We’re pleased to announce the winners of the Senior Class Superlatives!


This class clown is an 8 year-old Mastiff mix. He looks like he can scare off intruders, but he’s extremely friendly and loves affection! He’s good with dogs, kids, and even cats. He loves everybody and everybody loves him!


Who can resist his rugged good looks and beautiful, shiny coat? Not to mention that adorably goofy face that’s just begging for smooches!


Okay, so nobody’s perfect. That’s why there’s no category for it!

Zeus is in good health, except for a pesky ear issue. Since it’s chronic, it’ll need to be addressed by a vet on a regular basis. And, as with any large breed, he’ll most likely need medication for hip and joint issues in the future. But it’s a small price to pay for such an amazing dog!

MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED (at making an awesome companion)

ZEUS! (A081349)


And now for the latest celebrity gossip…

Jake, the dashing 9 year-old Doberman who’s taking Hollywood by storm, was seen in the park with his co-star, Portia, during what appeared to be a play-date.

Portia is a beautiful 4 year-old Basenji/Chihuahua mix.  Portia wasn’t available for an interview, as she gets nervous around new people and needs time to warm up.

This park sighting was unusual, since both are indoor dogs!

In their latest film, Jake and Portia are a sweet bonded pair grieving over the loss of their owner. As they emBARK on a journey to find a loving adopter at the shelter, they meet many dogs along the way – most of whom they get along with.

No one deserves a happy ending more than they do, so adopt sweet pair Jake (A030808) and Portia (A072583)!


Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser September 9th!

Hey, whatcha doing for breakfast the morning of, Sunday September 9th?  

Why not come have pancakes with us?

We’re holding a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at the VFW Social Hall at 1006 W. Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank.  

Pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit, toast OJ and coffee are on the menu, and there will also be raffles for all sorts of cool stuff!  

Tickets are $10 at the door, and all funds raised go to help the animals at the Burbank Animal Shelter.  

So come on down to the VFW Social Hall the morning of September 9th and have some yummy food for a good cause!  We look forward to seeing you there!

(And if you can’t make it, feel free to make a donation here.  We’ll send you a virtual pancake!)



Sparkle is a sweet, but slightly shy 1-year-old Domestic Shorthair who has been roughing it long enough. She came to us as a stray, and while that was fun for a while – hanging out with the cool cats, chasing mice until all hours of the night –  with that came uncertainty and insecurity. Being an affectionate, loving cat, she realized it was more important to have someone to come home to. Sparkle is very happy to be back around humans again and longs for the simpler things in life, like lounging in a windowsill, playing with a ball of aluminum foil, and quietly contemplating the state of the dog population.


If you’re looking for a loyal companion, and want to help an animal get back on her paws, adopt Sparkle (A082262)!

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser!

Where: VFW Social Hall. 1006 W. Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank CA 91505

What: Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser!

When: Sunday September 9th, 2018. 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Tickets: $10 at the door.

Breakfast Menu: Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon, Fruit, Toast, OJ, and Coffee

We’re holding a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser on Sunday, September 9th from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at the VFW Social Hall at 1006 W. Magnolia Boulevard.

In addition to lots of yummy breakfast food, there will be raffles for lots of cool stuff!

Tickets are $10 at the door.

All proceeds benefit the animals at the Burbank Animal Shelter

Can’t make it to the breakfast? Have a virtual Pancake and donate HERE instead!








Turbo has a lot of energy demonstrated by running and playing around the house with his friends and sibling. He likes to play with the other cats and kittens and even my dog! He will sit on your lap and sleep, but only when he is exhausted. He loves to play with several of his mouse toys. He purrs like crazy when being held and while sleeping with you. He has not been around little children and may be a little rough with kids under 12. To learn more about Turbo, please email Bonnie at bonjiebonbon@aol.com



Prince Malachi isn’t really a prince, but he deserves to be treated like royalty. This 10 year-old Domestic Short Hair lost his owner suddenly, and is a bit traumatized from the separation. He’s a sweet boy who’s looking for someone to chill out with and keep him company. He needs an experienced cat owner with no children, and plenty of love and support.  If you’re looking for a good friend, adopt Prince Malachi (A080806).


Miki is a handsome 5 year old black and white German Shepherd / Husky mix with gorgeous maroon eyes. You’d be hard pressed to find a dog more loving and friendly! Although he’s not a fan of cats, he’s great with kids over the age of seven and can flourish in homes with other dogs, but they’ll have to meet him at the shelter first.  Miki is the perfect companion for an owner with an active lifestyle.  This playful boy will need exercise daily! He sometimes enjoys expressing himself vocally, so no apartments please. If you’re ready to add a loving furry friend to your household, come check out Miki, A059034.


You can’t help but be a little jealous of Shyla’s beautiful brown and black locks! This 8-year-old is a very sweet girl, but she’s a little upset about the latest turn of events. Shyla was abandoned with three other cats in a laundry room. A change of venue and a little affection should get her back on track to being an awesome companion! Adopt Shlya (A081535).







Emo was found on Buena Vista St. in early June and taken to the Burbank Animal Shelter. He was sad and didn’t like people (and had the most adorable spitty hiss whenever a person tried to get near him). He was fostered with a family with kids. Within three days, he snuggled and gave his first rusty purr. Nowadays, Emo is a confirmed cuddler. He has an easy purr and a devastatingly handsome glare. He is playful and loves his peacock feather toy, but he’s also a snoozy little guy who loves dozing near his people. Emo is a homegrown Burbankian just like Tim Burton, and he would be a gothic, elegant, loving addition to a family with or without kids. He is fine around other cats. Please reach out to brockwaymetcalf@me.com if you are interested in adopting this magnificent beastie.










Hi! My name is Chase. As you can see, I’m a dashing orange tabby with white markings. My foster mom says I am very handsome, which I totally agree, sweet and calm. I love to play and cuddle as well. To learn more about me, please contact my foster mom, Irene, at marisolorozco2181@gmail.com








Hi! My name is Summer. My brother, Winter, and I got to go to our foster homer together! We love to play with each other as well as other kitties. I’m told it takes me a while to warm up to others, but after that, I’m all love! You have other cats, dogs, children? Not a problem! I get along well with all of them! I would love to find a home together with my brother, but I’ll do fine with other companions, or just alone.


Please contact my foster mom, Joseline, if you would like to know more about me! 917-379-7905 or Joselinegomez@hotmail.com








Hi! My name is Winter. My sister, Summer, and I got to go to our foster homer together! We love to play with each other as you can imagine. I’m told I am very nice, extremely playful and quite loving for my breed. You see, I am an Abyssinian mix. I’ll play all day and cuddle all night. Perhaps the other mix is the dominant gene! If you have other cats, dogs, or children, It’s not a problem! I get along well with all of them! I would love to find a home together with my sister, but I’ll do fine with other companions, or just alone.


Please contact my foster mom, Joseline, if you would like to know more about me! 917-379-7905 or Joselinegomez@hotmail.com







Hi, I’m Tiger! I’m a big goofy male orange tabby kitten with big ears. (My dad says I’ll grow into them eventually!) I love to run and play and zip around the apartment so much that my foster dad sometimes calls me fireball. I’m a super playful guy, love to bat at and chase toys, and *love* to play with my littermates. I also get along great with my foster dad’s adult cats. I’m super athletic, love to climb the cat tree, and one day I *will* catch that red laser dot!

When it’s bedtime, I love to curl up with my siblings, or with my foster dad on the bed. I’m very social and would love to be adopted to a home with another cat (or two).  I’d think I’d be ok as a single cat if my new family gives me lots of attention.   Come meet me and see how awesome a little cat I am! Contact my dad, Chris chris@thevbas.org








Hi, my name is Boots! I’m a calico female with striking markings. My foster dad says I’m a real cutie, and I think he’s right! I love to zoom around, play with my siblings, Misty and Tiger, and bat around my toys as well. I’m a very curious kitten and have the sweetest personality, but I can be a little shy. I’m getting braver every day and if you give me just a little time, I’ll come up to you and purr up a storm when you scratch my shoulders. My dad says with a little attention from my new owner I’ll wind up being a full-time lap cat! (I’m already sneaking into his bed at night when he’s sleeping, and I sit on his lap at breakfast and dinner time.) If you can be a little patient with me, I guarantee I’ll wind up loving you forever.

I also love other cats! I’m friends with the two adult cats in my foster home and I’m especially fond of my brother Tiger and sister Misty. I’d be super happy if you adopted me with one of my siblings, but I’ll also be happy going to a home that already has another cat. I’ll be happiest when I have a friend!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact my foster dad Chris chris@thevbas.org and come meet me!







Hi, my name is Misty. I’m a super sweet dilute grey and orange female Tabby/Calico kitten. I like toys, I like other cats and I like to follow my foster dad around like a shadow! I will sing for my supper, and I play and goof around with my siblings Tiger and Boots like the happy go-lucky kitten that I am! I need a little bit of time to warm up around new people, but once I get to know you I’ll purr up a storm. I also like to snuggle on the bed at night.

I’m very fond of my littermates Tiger and Boots, and I’d be happy if you adopted two of us together. I’ll also be happy if I go to a home with another cat. (I love to follow my foster dad’s cat around!) I’ll be happy as long as I have a furry friend.

If you’re looking for a special new best friend, adopt me! Contact my foster dad Chris chris@thevbas.org today!’


Elena is a 2-year-old black and white Domestic Shorthair. When you meet her, you’ll see she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She’s an incredibly loving girl who really likes to cuddle. She’ll sit on your lap and purrrrr the night away!  Don’t let this fine feline get away! Adopt Elena (A080591).







Hi everyone! My name is Eyebrows because I have some serious eyebrows going on. So far, I haven’t found a single thing in life to be afraid of. I love grumpy old cats, hyperactive chihuahuas, and every person who walks through the door. I like to play with everything from actual cat toys to… well, anything you leave on the floor! I also love to cuddle all the time and will happily perch under your chin and nap while you watch TV on the couch. I’m very social so I would prefer to have someone to play with during the day, and if you’re looking for two companions, my brother Toupee would be a great choice to keep me company! If you’d like to meet me, please contact my foster mom at dana.leigh.brand@gmail.com or stop by a kitten fair!







Hi! My name is Lauren and I come from a litter of ten brothers and sisters! My foster mom is caring for me and my two brothers, Gregory and Humphrey. I may be the only girl, but I hold my own pretty darned well! In fact, I can be a bit of an instigator which often leads to a wrestling showdown! I am also very curious, and I love to explore. Once I have my heart set on something, or being somewhere I shouldn’t be, you better distract me with a toy or I’ll carry out my objective! I am cuddly, and I absolutely love belly scratches, which always bring about loud purring.  I may do fine by myself, but I would prefer having a companion to play with. To learn more about me, call or text Carla at 818-216-5477







Hi! My name is Humphrey and I come from a litter of ten brothers and sisters! My foster mom is caring for me and my two siblings, Gregory and Lauren. I just love playing with them! We have lots of fun wrestling and playing with some very cool toys like mice and crinkly balls. I’m told I am the sweetest, most cuddly, kind, affectionate and gentle of the bunch. You can pick me up and I will stay in your arms until you’re ready to put me down. I get lots of hugs and kisses and I really like it! My foster mom likes to hold me in her arms and cradle me like a baby, the same way she holds Gregory! I may do ok by myself, but I would prefer having a companion to play with. To learn more about me, call or text Carla at 818-216-5477







Hi! My name is Gregory and I come from a litter of ten brothers and sisters! My foster mom is caring for me and my sister, Lauren and brother, Humphrey. I just love to play with them! We have lots of fun wrestling and chasing a string with these colorful feathers on it. Of course, other toys are fun too when my mom can’t taunt us with that feather!  I’m told I am very cuddly, kind, sweet and gentle. I get lots of hugs and kisses. As a matter of fact, my foster mom likes to hold me in her arms and cradle me like a baby. I really like that, and you can hold me as long as you like! I may do fine by myself, but I would prefer having a companion to play with. To learn more about me, call or text Carla at 818-216-5477


Stella is a brown and white Tabby/Domestic Shorthair who we estimate to be around 6 years-old. She’s a very shy girl and she’s looking for the perfect companion to help bring her out of her shell. Once you give her time to warm up to new people, you’ll see her adorably sweet personality. Stella prefers a quiet, low-key household and requires a patient, experienced owner in an adult-only home. She does not get along with dogs. She might get along with other cats. If you’d like a lovely animal to spend time with, adopt sweet Stella, A079655.







Katniss is a strong female protagonist with a not-so-hidden tender side. She has the face of a baby bobcat, and the purr of a John Deere tractor. She loves to explore and is very affectionate. Katniss likes to “talk” and her purr comes easily and loudly. She’s very fond of scratches behind her ears, sitting on her human’s belly, and nuzzling earlobes and fingertips. Katniss loves hunting peacock feathers and cat dancers! Her favorite napping spot is on top of her cat carrier! Katniss is fond of her foster brother Emo and tolerant of our full-grown cat Loki. She would be an excellent kitten for adults, families with kids, families with cats, but we are not sure about dogs. She has a gorgeous silver and white coat that looks to be longhair, so she will need a good brushing every so often. (Luckily, she LOVES being brushed!) Please contact her foster mom Amie at brockwaymetcalf@me.com if you are interested in meeting this lovely kitty.


Tomax and Xamont are bonded buddies for life. That’s probably because they have so much in common!  Both are 3 year-old Pit Bull mixes who understand the importance of “me-time.”

They’re very loving and sweet, but neither demands affection from you.  Both know the sit command and can catch food and balls in the air. And boy does Xamot love to play with balls! Tomax likes balls too, but he’s much more food-motivated. As much as both of them love food, they’re gentle when taking treats from your hand.

This perfect pair might be fine with cats. We don’t know how they feel about other dogs.  But one thing we DO know is that you’re gonna love them! Adopt Tomax (A079011) and Xamont (A079010).

Kitten Foster Volunteer

Please continue to this page to learn more about the kitten foster volunteer program!

Adult Dog Foster Program

Actively recruiting Foster Parents for 2018

Ever walk by a kennel and wonder, “Is there really a dog in there? Is it hiding under its bed?” The VBAS Adult Dog Foster Program was established to help dogs like this who aren’t thriving in the shelter environment by placing them in a loving home. 

Foster volunteers house these dogs and provide essential care, supported by the shelter: feeding, socialization with humans and other animals, and medical care. Fosters also promote the dogs in the community and via social media until they are adopted. The program will match dogs that fit their foster’s lifestyle.

Check us out on Instagram to learn about our current foster dogs, and see the work we do:  @vbasdogfoster

Pets for Patriots

The Burbank Animal Shelter is a proud Pets for Patriots adoption partner. Through this program, veterans from all branches of the armed forces, at any stage of their career (including retirement) can adopt eligible pets and receive a one-time $150 gift card to a major pet retailer for pet food and supplies, and a minimum ongoing 10% discount for medical care with any of the Pets for Patriots veterinary partners. 

Pets for Patriots is dedicated to giving the gifts of love, fidelity and companionship to people and pets through companion dog and cat adoptions.

Burbank Animal Shelter animals with the Pets for Patriots logo are eligible for adoption under this great program. If you are a veteran and would like to be pre-qualified, apply here: 
https://petsforpatriots.org/adopt-a-p…/pre-qual-application/ or call: 877-473-8223.

Adoption fees are also waived for all United States Military Veterans at the Burbank Animal Shelter. Veterans must show proof of veteran status either by presenting the shelter a Certificate of Release/Discharge from Active Duty or their retired United States military identification card at the time of adoption. Veterans are limited to a maximum of 3 adoptions capped at a maximum of $1500 in adoption subsidies.








Much like her name, Guinevere is a little queen. She will let you know what she wants and when she wants it. She is the sweetest little girl, who will purr at the sight of you. Guinevere always wants to be around her people, and will follow you from room to room, and insist on being picked up. She also loves to jump on shoulders for a better vantage point. She gets along great with her big foster-brother, Howie, and is good with kids. This little girl would love to either be adopted with her sister Morgana, or go to a home with another cat who can keep her company. If you are interested in adopting Guinevere, feel free to reach out to her foster mom Katie at kheat512@gmail.com







Morgana is a total wackadoodle. She loves to run around and jump out of nowhere like a ninja! The girl has her own style, and she owns it. She is far more independent than her sister, Guinevere, but still loves attention, and will purr at the sight of you. She loves playing with her sister and her big foster-brother, Howie. She would be okay on her own, if given lots of play time and cuddles from her Human but would really prefer to be adopted with her sister or go to a home with another playful cat. If you are interested in Morgana, please feel free to reach out to her foster mom, Katie, at kheat512@gmail.com







Hi, my name is BLT. I arrived at the shelter with my brother Bruno and my sister Daisy.

We are very loving siblings. We play together and seek new adventures several times a day.  I overheard our foster parent say that am so sweet and love to cuddle the most.

Please contact my foster mom if you would like to know more about me!

Joseline 917-379-7905


Hi, my name is Daisy. I arrived at the shelter with my brothers Bruno and BLT.

We are very loving siblings. We play together and seek new adventures several times a day.  I overheard our foster parent say that I am the most mature one of the group, super friendly and play nonstop!

Please contact my foster mom if you would like to know more about me!

Joseline 917-379-7905







Hi, my name is Bruno. I arrived at the shelter with my brother BLT and my sister Daisy.

We are very loving siblings. We play together and seek new adventures several times a day.  I overheard our foster parent say that I’m the fearless mouser of the group. I love my foster’s dog and cat and even their lizard! My sister is the most mature one, but she is super friendly and plays nonstop! My brother BLT is so sweet and loves to cuddle the most.

Please contact my foster mom if you would like to know more about me!

Joseline 917-379-7905







Hi, I’m Hazel!  I’m a brown and white female tabby and my dad says I’m super cute.  I’m modest, so I’ll agree with him!  I’m also super friendly and a total snuggler. When my foster dad wakes up in the morning I’m always curled up next to his shoulder.  I love people and I love to purr.  (I have a really loud purr too!  Just scratch my shoulders and you’ll hear it!)  I’m very playful and affectionate and get along great with the other adult cats in my foster home (and with my sister Melanie too!).  I love my toys, especially ping pong balls.  Roll one across the floor to me and I’ll bat at it and chase it all around the house.  My foster dad says I’m a real sweetie.  I’m not sure what that means, but I think it sounds good!

It’s time for me to find a home, and I’d be very happy to find one all to myself, or with an adult cat for a friend (or my sister Melanie!).  I’m not fussy!  But I am a real “people cat” so as long as my new family gives me lots of love and attention (and lets me fall asleep on their lap or shoulder) I’ll be happy!

So enough about me!  Time for me to meet *you*!  Contact my foster dad Chris chris@thevbas.org and tell him you want to adopt me!  I can’t wait to meet you!







A true beauty awaits you from the Burbank Animal Shelter, and she goes by the name of Sky. This 8-year-old Pit Bull Terrier girl is a lovely lass, with the most eye-catching face! Sky’s pretty mug is split right down the middle; one side is white, and one is gray, to match her two-toned coat. She has a regal-looking presence – but be ready for some big, sloppy kisses! Because she’s a more mature gal, Sky is also a part of our 50% off adoption fees promotion! What more could you want? A great dog, a longtime companion, and a discount to boot! So hustle on over and meet your future furry love. Take home Sky today! Contact vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com for more info

Meet Foster Dogs Cali & Christen

Could you use some more laughter in your life? Meet Cali & Christen, the goofiest dogs around!

Cali is a one-year old female and Christen is her two-and-a-half-year-old big brother. These long-legged bonded Chihuahuas were getting stressed out in the shelter, so they moved in with a foster family to prove what good dogs they are. Since then, they’ve been doing great and now it’s time for them to find a permanent home. 

Both pups are super friendly, sweet and LOVE to be with people as much as possible. They’ll love you – but they LOOOOVE toys! Stealing them from each other, chewing them, wrestling over them, moving from one to the other, finding every single one and stealing them again. The fun never ends with these two dopey pups!

They do well with other dogs and are very gentle with kids. They’re great on walks and car rides (which seems to relax them).

Cali and Christen love each other to pieces, and even enjoy sleeping in the same bed together.

They’re Chihuahuas, so they can be chatty – they are not built for apartment-living (besides, they need more room to PLAY!)

Ready for a fun life with these two? Contact vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com for more info on adopting Cali (A079709) and Christen (A079710)!

Interested in offering dogs like these a chance at peace and stability so they can blossom? Become part of the Adult Dog Foster Program’s foster network! Email vbasfosterinfo@gmail.com to find out how you can help dogs like these find their forever homes.


Bruno is a big, jolly boy that is long overdue to find his forever home!  He is a blue and white Pit Bull Terrier that loves to play and frolic.  Tennis balls are his toy of choice, keeping his youthful energy pumping at 8 years young!  Bruno has a very sweet personality, adores people, and needs an experienced owner that will exercise him daily and shower him with affection.  His plethora of personality means he must be the only animal in the household, and his adorable video on the website will surely steal your heart!  So, make it official, and bop on over to the shelter to acquaint yourself with a deserving dog named Bruno, A040989!  Furry companions make people happier!


He’s just a super good-looking gray and white Pit Bull Terrier chilling at the shelter, waiting to find love.  This is Stanley.  He’s a young guy, only 1 year old, and ready to be your furry partner in goodness!  Daily exercise and some basic training will bring you two together in ways that only an animal bond can offer.  Stanley is a big boy with a thoughtful mug that wants to be your pup!  Are you looking for a classic breed and a devoted friend?  Stanley, A078035, could be the Pit Bull of your dreams!


This mysterious beauty’s name is Carley. She’s a very sweet 8 year old, but also very shy.  She’s looking for an experienced cat-owner who will be patient with her while she adjusts to her new surroundings. She might get along with dogs that are respectful and well-trained, but we’re not sure how she’ll do with other cats. Carley has a lot of potential and needs a loving companion to help her open up. If you would like to be that special person, adopt Carley, A079085. 

FEATURED PETS: Theo and Annie

Can’t decide if you want a mellow lapdog or an energetic, playful one? Well, how about one of each?!  Theo and Annie are a very sweet bonded pair looking for a new home.  Theo is a 7 year-old Coonhound and the social butterfly of the two. He’s laid back and loves hanging out with the humans.  Annie is a 3 year-old miniature Poodle/Spaniel mix. She’s full of energy, and loves playing with her toys.  Both are well-behaved and get along great with kids older than 5.  They’re looking for a home without cats, and we’re unsure how they’ll behave around other dogs.  If you’re interested in meeting a dynamic duo, come check out Theo, A079077, and Annie, A079078.


What’s not to love about this dapper fellow?  Mr. Jasper is a black domestic shorthair cat who LOVES people! He’s very easygoing and very, VERY friendly. He loves being petted, and, boy, does he love to talk!  We think he’s bragging about his recent dental work that gave him a fabulous smile. Nonetheless, just make sure your family (and your neighbors) are cool with a talkative cat.  At 12 years old, he prefers kids 10 years and up. He’s probably fine with other cats, but we’re not sure about dogs. He’s a really awesome guy who deserves a good home. Adopt Mr Jasper, A078354.






My name is Friday. I'm a super playful, loving little girl. I'm also a purring machine! 
I get along well with cats, dogs and kids. I have beautiful long hair that may trigger allergies, so before considering me for adoption, make sure everyone can tolerate me! 
I must remain indoor only. Please contact my foster mom for more information at joselinegomez@hotmail.com






Rocky was a very sick kitten when he came to the shelter in November. The staff and volunteers nursed him back to health and gave him a lot of attention. While he was pretty skittish and afraid at first, he’s come a long way and is very affectionate and playful when he’s comfortable. In new situations he may need some time and patience to adjust. Rocky would do best in a quiet home with an experienced cat owner. In his foster home the last few weeks he has enjoyed a cat playmate, and has been fine with an older, respectable dog.  If you would like to meet Rocky please e-mail his foster Kristen:  kbt@bluesong.com



There’s a tuxedo-sporting pup awaiting his moment in the spotlight!  Benson is a very good-looking black and white Pit Bull Terrier boy that strayed his way into the shelter.  He is seeking an adult-only home and experienced dog owner with whom to build a forever bond.  This dapper 2-year-old will need daily exercise, basic training, some socialization, and plenty of room to romp!  Benson is a sweet, affectionate boy with a shy disposition at first; he takes a little time to warm up, but once he does, the love fest can ensue!  So get a load of that handsome face, and then hustle over to adopt your new furry co-star, Benson, A076321!


Cream colored, like an Arizona desert adobe, Robbie will warm up your life with his endearing personality and lovely look.  He is a 5-year-old Chinese Sharpei and Chihuahua mix that needs daily exercise and some fun, basic training.  Robbie is a balanced boy; he loves the affection of human companions, but also enjoys his independence as well.  More mature youths, above the age of 13, and cool, compassionate adults will provide the perfect vibe for this fella.  He can hold a respectable conversation, too, so Robbie’s home should be in a house, not in an apartment complex.  Have you been watching the sands of time go by without a furry friend by your side?  Remedy that right away by adopting a handsome, deserving dog like Robbie, A076303!