Coal, The Laser Cat!

They call me Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Coal (named for his black tail) is a sweet and 7 year old tan and grey Tabby who arrived at the shelter  in rough shape.   He was extremely underweight and had a large open wound on his side.    Medical worked to clean out the wound and stitch him back together, but it kept reopening.   Special treatment was needed to put Coal back together again.

Mmm…right there!

We sent Coal to Montrose Pet Hospital where they restitched the wound and gave him two weeks of laser therapy.   Laser therapy helps by stimulating injured cells to heal more quickly while also reducing pain.  It did the trick!  Happy to be back in one piece, Coal returned to the shelter and picked up right where he left off:  asking for scritches and shoulder rubs, drooling when given chin rubs, purring contentedly and eating up a storm!  (He’s put on three pounds in just over a month!)  

Did someone say food?

Everyone involved (especially Coal!) was super happy his wound had finally healed.  Pain-free and back in one piece, this big friendly boy was ready to find his forever home.   Soon after being cleared by medical, a couple came to the shelter looking for a cat and Coal poured on the charm.  Although they were looking for a younger cat, Coal he won them over with his beautiful blue eyes and great personality.  Way to go, Coal!!!

Wassup pardner?

The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter would like to say a big thank you to Montrose Animal Hospital and to our donors for giving Coal a second chance.  Thank you for everything you do for our animals!

I’m a natural in front of the camera.