Hi, I’m Cookie and I’m a seven week old male kitten!  I think my dad calls me Cookie because I look like I’ve been dipped in milk.  I’m a bit smaller than my brother Sunshine, but I’m just as active and loving!  I too can purr up a storm, and also love to play and scamper about the house.  I also like sleeping on *top* of my foster dad at night!  I’m super friendly, love my brother, and love the other cats in the house.  I also like bumping noses with my foster dad when he comes home from work.  And if he’s sleeping I like to sneak up and bump his nose then too!  I think it’s fun, and he thinks it’s endearing. I’d be happy in a home by myself, with another cat(s), or with my brother Sunshine, and I know I’m going to make my new family very happy!   So what are you waiting for?  Contact my foster dad Chris and come meet me!