Dog Wish List

Some of our canine shelter residents are in need of a little extra attention and training, and all of our dog residents need a little comfort and play time. The VBAS offers training through the Happy Tail Program, which is 100% funded by monetary and in-kind donations to the VBAS.

You can help support the VBAS and the shelter by contributing any available amount of the following items:

Amazon Wish List

  • Kong-like toys (Size: M or L)
  • Soft Jerky or Milk Bone dog treats
  • Softball size and larger balls made out of sturdy material
  • Blankets (Size: full or twin)
  • Top Paw® 6ft. nylon leashes*
  • Top Paw® Choke Chain Training Collar (14” or 20”)*
  • Top Paw® Perfect Fit Adjustable Harness (Size: S, M, or L)*
  • Collars (Size: S, M, or L)
  • Mountain collars for training (Size: M or L)
  • Donation to Sponsor a Training Session

All Top Paw® products can be found at Petsmart.

Donations can be dropped off at the shelter during business hours. Thank you for your contributions!