Dogs and More Kittens Visit the Starlight Bowl!

Having heard about the big kitten outing (Rockstar Kittens at the Starlight Bowl) our dogs got into the act and strutted their stuff at the Starlight Bowl on July 28th.

Places everyone!  Pat McCauley, Mia, Christine Hatch, Nora Hui, Linus and Debbie Peterson right before the curtains went up!  (Photo credit: Debora Dodge)
Mia’s big moment on stage with Pat and MC Jeffrey Hopkins  (Photo credit Debora Dodge)
Mia hamming it up.  (Photo credit: Deborah Dodge)
Brownie working the crowd.  (Photo credit: Debora Dodge)
Volunteer Marina Garcia and Dozer strut their stuff.  (Photo credit: Deborah Dodge)
Brownie just found out there’s a food court!  (Photo credit Debora Dodge)


Not to be upstaged, our kittens made a triumphant return to the Starlight Bowl on August 11th.  

Kittens Part 2!  Double Fudge, Shortbread, Snickerdoodle, and a cast of many!  (Photo credit: Deborah Dodge)

A big thank you to the Starlight Bowl for inviting us to their party this summer and letting us show off our pups and kittens!   We’re looking forward to seeing you again next summer!