Meet Eskimo, a Chocolate Point Siamese Mix. He came to the shelter with his mom and four brothers, all of which were found outside the IKEA in Burbank. Eskimo and his brother Archer, are being fostered together with me. Eskimo is adventurous and often the instigator and aggressor when play-fighting. His favorite toy is a fluffy ball he bats around for eternity, until it gets trapped under a spot he can’t get to, then good-times are found playing, wrestling and cuddling with his brother Archer. He will sometimes look at you, as if guilty of something, to encourage you to play with him. Come feeding time, he can be vocal if he’s really hungry. If you move around during food preparations, he and Archer may follow your every step, so you may need to shuffle to avoid stepping on them!

It is my hope and preference that he and his brother Archer are adopted together. If they cannot be adopted together, a single adoption will require another furry companion at his new home.

To meet Eskimo or learn more about him, please contact Carla at 818-216-5477.