Call her Abigale Adams, aka Abbicab, or just plain Abby. After 8 months on the streets, Abby came inside and is now part of Burbank Animal Shelter’s Kitten Foster Program.  As Abby tells it “I got a rough start and didn’t like the human hand. I hissed and was generally in a bad mood and untrusting.  Then my foster mom, Kat, took me to her home and started patiently working with me.  I’ve been with her for 6 weeks now and Wow, what a difference! Now I love to cuddle by her side and be brushed. I also do kitty circus tricks for treats!”

“I can still be a little shy at times, but I’m getting braver every day, and most of the time I act like any other goofy cat.  I need a little time to warm up to new people, but if you take the time to get to know me I will love you forever. I’m really good at watching out a window and guarding the house.  I like to be on the bed or in a sunny place and shoot my bum in the air when you’re petting me.”

Abby is looking for a quiet home with a loving and understanding owner.  If you love kitties Abby (A085596) will steal your heart and be a wonderful addition to your life.