Baloo Bowie (A092833) – 2 year 3 month old male rottweiler and alaskan husky mix – AVAILABLE NOW
Bowie was originally a stray that no one came to claim. He is a sweet boy with a strong personality. Bowie was adopted and then returned because he was too much for the new owners. They were looking to make him a Service Dog and sent him to a trainer. After working with him, the trainer explained that Bowie’s 2 breeds (Rottweiler and Husky) proved to be very stubborn and he would not make a good Service Animal. He is aggressive with other animals on walks and hikes and needs someone experienced with the breeds and the size. He is also still having some potty-training issues where he is peeing indoors, but luckily pooping outside. 🙂
Now that we have the negative out of the way, you should know that this big, strong, boy is loving and affectionate and would make a great companion for someone who only wants one animal, has the room for him to exercise and is willing to be patient with him and willing to continue with his training.
If you’re interested in adopting, please check out their profile at http://thevbas.org/adopt-dogs to complete an application and schedule an appointment.