Okay, this might get confusing. Ducky is a cat  who is really a butterfly! Social butterfly, that is.

This 12 year-old Domestic Shorthair is truly an amazing cat, and she loves, loves, LOVES people. Think we’re exaggerating? When a volunteer opened the kennel door to move her, she literally jumped on her shoulder, hugged her, and started licking her!  This affectionate girl will sit on your lap for hours if you let her.

Sweet Ducky is very chatty and she actually answers when you talk to her! She almost seems to understand what you say, although we haven’t gotten any stock tips yet…

Ducky has a thyroid condition and will need a daily medication and regular checkups.  The medicine costs about a dollar a day. She would probably do best as a single cat with an experienced cat owner. Ducky would make an excellent companion, especially for a senior!

The diamond-shaped mark around her nose proves how much of a gem this lovely girl is. Adopt Ducky (A084447)!