Hi! I’m Fiesta, a black and white Domestic Shorthair, and my friend, Flora, is a Tuxedo. We’re a bonded pair of 5 year-olds in need of a roommate and a forever home.

We’re not party animals, nor are we catty. We’re quiet, clean, and respectful. Everyone says we’re very sweet and downright adorable! We like people and get along well, but we’re also independent (aside from that bill-paying thing), so we don’t need constant attention. Flora keeps to herself a bit more at first, but she doesn’t take long to warm up to you.

Our hobbies include being brushed and getting neck-scratches. I like chilling out and pondering life’s complexities, so I prefer a room with a nice window.  We’ve been trying to adjust to being in the shelter, so we’re a little shy. But once we find a permanent home, we’ll be back to our normal selves and we’ll show you how wonderful we can be!