This American Staffordshire Terrier has a lot going for her. In fact, we think if 3 year-old Janie was human, she would’ve been voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in her class!

She’s smart and confident, without being pretentious. She’s mild-mannered, but never a bore. She’s charming, without being deceiving. Not to mention she looks quite “fetching” in her brown and white brindle coat!  This special lady can be a little particular, so she might be slightly aloof at first. But Janie will inevitably latch on and make you her BFF!

And she does more than just sit there and look pretty. She’s always ready for activities. Whether she takes to the pool or the pavement, she enjoys getting out and having fun!  When she’s not running or swimming, she loves playing fetch with her exotic squeaky ball. Then it’s a trip to the couch for a long doggie massage. Ah, the good life!

Don’t be intimidated by her high society lifestyle. She’s a sweet, down-to-earth girl looking for love and happiness. Adopt Janie! (A080774)