Louie and Lizzy are 6- and 8-year-old Chihuahua mixes you’ll be excited to come home to. And with these cuties, the feeling is mutual!

They’re great with kids 10 years and up. Sweet and gentle, they can’t resist showering you with kisses. They also love laps (sitting on them AND running them!).

They enjoy playing with each other and chasing each other around, so having a yard is ideal. Despite all the frolicking, they’re easy to walk on a leash. Louie and Libby take time to stop and smell the roses – and lots of other things!

They’re very clean and appear to be housebroken.

This duo is double the fun and double the affection. They’ll make fabulous companions for anyone! Adopt Louie (A086175) and Lizzy (A086174)!