Oona is a Labrador/Pit mix who has everything you’d want in a furry friend. She’s very loving and thrives on being with her human companions. She’s obedient, house-trained, and a lovely pup to have in the house! She *loves* being with people and loves belly rubs.

This sweet 5-year-old is also extremely social. She likes dogs and kids 8 years-old and up, preferably with some dog experience. We’re not sure how she is with cats as she has never lived with them.

Oona has allergies, and through a series of blood panels her former owners pinpointed the cause. She’s on a specific allergy medication for life, which is as easy as taking a daily vitamin!

She’s an absolute delight with an irresistible charm! We think you’ll agree. Adopt Oona (A053179).