Park is a very sweet, spry 11-year-old Pit Bull who has lived a hard life in the past few years. We’d love to see him adopted by someone willing to spoil him!

He’s low-maintenance and quite low-key. He’s good on-leash and easy to walk, but gets excited when he sees the yard! He likes to go hiking and loves to smell and dig up the dirt and grass as he goes.  He also enjoys playing with and fetching balls.

Life at home? He will need a bit of training, but doesn’t everyone?  He must be the only pet, and any kids in the household should be older ones. He’s not exactly a lap dog, but he likes to stay close to you. And he loves back rubs, as evidenced by his wagging tail!

Park is a wonderful dog to have around. He’s not too “this”, and not too “that”. He’s juuust right! Adopt Park (A086510)!