Eight year-old Stevie is a gray and white Domestic Shorthair with a strong independent streak.  Mysterious and intriguing, she’s the femme fatale of cats.

Stevie is quite the little adventurer, frequently exploring her environment and making sure everything is to her liking. She’s a take-charge kind-of girl who doesn’t startle easily.

But just when you think you have her all figured out, the fickle feline becomes playful and receptive! She has a pink wand-toy and a feather toy that she loves playing with. She enjoys being petted – on HER terms, of course.

Stevie had an eye injury of some kind, which makes one eye look a little “off”, but that only adds to her mystique. Her eyes are healthy and she doesn’t need any special medical care.

She’s not a fan of other cats or kids, but she is very low-maintenance.  She’ll make a very good companion for an experienced cat owner who understands that Stevie is an independent girl and lives life on her terms.  Would you like to meet Stevie?  Please email socialcatsvbas@gmail.com to set up an appointment!

Stevie is absolutely one cool cat, but don’t let her independence deceive you. She needs your love and friendship as much as you need hers. Adopt Stevie, A081111!