Valentine’s Day is coming up quick, and Sundance is turning on the charm to find that special someone to take him home!

Sundance is an Australian Cattle Dog mix. He’s a little over 2 years old and he’s your typical, run-of-the-mill awesome dog.  He’s very sweet and affectionate once he gets to know you, and he’s fun, happy, and playful. He loves fetching furry stuffed animals with a little intermittent tug-of-war thrown in.

Sundance is looking for an experienced owner, because he’s quite a smarty-pants…and with intelligence comes a degree of stubbornness!  But it’s adorable, nonetheless, and he’s a quick learner. He likes to lean on you and he loves to get his belly and ears scratched!

Looking for a cool canine and fabulous friend? Adopt Sundance (A089419)!