While toughing it out on the streets as strays, Bruce and Gidget joined an infamous kitten gang when they were mere tots. As part of their initiation, they found a loving foster home to live in. The goal was to gain the owner’s trust, steal their catnip, then make a clean getaway.


But while planning their heist, Bruce and Gidget were socialized with children and other cats. Over a short time this bonded pair settled right in and grew to trust everyone. The two “went domestic”, turned into affectionate purr machines, and became fine, upstanding kittizens!


Now they’re 6 months old and have moved on to the shelter for adoption! They do not show very well in their cat condo, but they’re guaranteed to be loving pets once they get to their forever home!


This sweet bonded pair is ready for a brand-new life. Adopt Bruce (A081827) and Gidget (A081141)!