FEATURED PETS: Tiger and Sharkie

“The Mystery of the Long-Term Shelter Dogs”

lt seems we have a real-life whodunnit at the shelter – or rather who-didn’t-do-it – which has us baffled. Here are the facts of the case:

—Tiger and Sharky are bonded 5-year-old Terrier mixes who love each other very much.  They’ve been at the shelter for two years.

—We interviewed their friends who say they’re loving and a joy to be with! They adore people and like respectful, older kids. Even their next-door neighbors say they’re friendly, but agree a meet-and-greet is a must.

—When we questioned small children and cats, however, and they agree that an adult-only home is preferred. Hmmm…interesting.

—A witness observed them enjoying a lively game of fetch and views them as excellent walking partners. Because of their puppy-like energy, they need daily exercise. However, after playing these merry mutts become laid-back lapdogs!

If you have any information leading to a forever home, please visit the shelter to help us solve this mystery and adopt Tiger (A059458) and Sharkie (A059459)!