From the jungle to the sea…Tiger and Sharkie!

By Jean Schanberger

If you like friendly dogs on the exotic, eye-catching side, look no further than Tiger (A059458) and Sharkie (A059459), our bonded pair of 5 year old neutered male Pit Terrier mixes. Not only are these two energetic love bugs spectacular to look at, they are good natured, love to play and would really enjoy exploring the urban jungles and beaches of Southern California with you. They are so handsome you might draw a crowd!

As his name suggests, Tiger’s coat has a beautiful set of stripes called a “brindle” pattern, seen in dogs, cattle, guinea pigs, and occasionally horses. A brindle coat typically features black stripes blending into a tan or brown base, though brindle patterns vary from dog to dog. Like his super special brown brindle coat, Tiger’s fun-loving personality is unique!

Tiger’s best friend Sharkie is another real looker. Film noir or black and white photography fan? Take note! Nature’s paintbrush gave Sharkie a super sleek black and white coat featuring a splashy, partly symmetrical white bib that runs from the top of his shoulder blades, over his head down his face and chest to his belly button, plus white paws! With this elegant boy, every week is Sharkie Week, all about play, toys and just being with people.

Together these two bonded buddies are quite the head-turners and while they think they are lap dogs, would love to go out on the town with you! Tiger and Sharkie both love playing with toys and love daily walks.  They would do best in an active adults only home without young children or cats.  They need to be adopted together, and if there are dogs or older kids in your home, a meet and greet is a must.

Tiger and Sharkie are eligible for the Pets for Patriots adoption program, which provides a wide range of benefits to veterans adopting up to two pets. For starters, it’s free for veterans to adopt qualified pets from the Burbank Animal Shelter! Please see website for additional information.

Life is truly better with a friend and with Tiger & Sharkie you get two very special boys looking for a home where they can share their enthusiasm for life. Adopt Tiger and Sharkie!