Give Love All Year!

Valentine’s day may have passed, but you can give the gift of love to the animals at the shelter all year long by setting up a monthly donation.

Monthly donations provide the steady, reliable funding we need to help all the animals at the shelter,  AND they contain no calories, so you won’t gain a pound. . . just a lot of love from the animals!

Thank you for the special food!

$15 a month (what you spend on Netflix to watch a drama) will help reduce real life dramas by providing special diets for our special needs animals.

Thank you for saving us!

$25 a month (a couple of coffees per week) will save a litter of kittens.

Thank you for fixing us!

$50 a month will help pay for a life-changing surgery like Simon’s and Ginger’s.

Small change adds up, and that means big changes in the lives of our animals at the shelter.

Setting up a recurring donation is easy. Simply click here, choose an amount, and click on the monthly option.   You can cancel at any time.

Thank you for helping us save lives!

-The Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter