Happy Pups & Happy Tails Hiking Program

All energetic, loving dogs need some dirt under their paws.  VBAS Happy Tails Hiking Program runs every 1st and 3rd Sunday morning for the shelter’s more active dogs and for some of our volunteers, it is the highlight of their month!

Photo Credit: Molly Minard

Each hike takes place in Stough Canyon (weather permitting) and is supported by multiple volunteers and a professional dog trainer. These hikes help shelter dogs learn how to walk on a leash, interact with new animals, experience the outdoors in a safe environment and have the potential to meet their future forever home.

Super Alum Batman!  Photo Credit: Molly Minard

Happy Tails Hike Volunteer, Nora Hui, said that she loves to watch the dogs’ excitement as they get harnessed and put into the car because they know they are going out. “They are all so excited and ready to go and they all want to be in the front.”

Photo Credit: Nora Hui

One of the biggest perks, in addition to getting the dogs on the trails, is the chance for them to meet potential adopters who may not have gone to the shelter but get to meet these pups in a natural environment.

Molly Minard, another Happy Tails Hike Volunteer, says that the Happy Tails Hike is a great way to promote the shelter and provide adoption opportunities. She says, for some people, shelters are too sad to visit so this program provides a way to show off the dogs without having fences dividing the dogs and the public.  

Molly with Miki (recently adopted from the Shelter! Way to go Miki!) at the Stough Canyon trails.

The Happy Tails Hike runs on donations and the love of our volunteers. You can get more information on the Happy Tail Hikes and Volunteering here. Be prepared to stretch your legs and your heart!