Joey and Chandler!

Joey and Chandler are bonded 11 month-old Domestic Shorthairs, and, just like Friends, they’re buddies for life. Their personalities complement each other, which makes them the perfect pair. Joey is very outgoing and playful. He loves attention and will make sure you give it to him! Chandler is a gentle boy and a little on the shy side. He’ll warm up to you in no time, once he knows he can trust you.

I’m Chandler.  Could I BE any cuter?

Joey likes to perch on your shoulder and nuzzle your face, while Chandler likes to cuddle in your lap. They’ll definitely keep you warm at night, and they both like to be picked up!

My name is Joey.  How *you* doin’?

These goofballs enjoy playing with each other and they love to go fishing – in their water bowl.

Joey and Chandler are sweet, loving boys, and..they’ll be there for yooou! If you’re there for them toooo!

Adopt Joey (A086532) and Chandler (A086531)!