Kitten Tsunami!

It’s the middle of the 2019 kitten season and a kitten tsunami is sweeping through Burbank! We have way more kittens coming in than usual, and our Kitten Foster Program is bursting at the seams! If you have a little space and a little time to spare, please consider fostering some kittens. You’ll be saving lives, opening up space at the shelter, and you get to play with kittens for a few weeks! It’s a win-win!

Fuzzball Wetzel is doing great in his foster home!

Fostering is really rewarding and a *lot* of fun. There’s work involved, but we’ll train you and give you everything you need.  Food, litter, pans, medical care, everything is covered. You just supply the home and love for the little fuzzballs.

He’s just about to leave for work!  Playtime starts in 3…2…

What’s that, you say? “I’m at work all day.” A lot of fosters have full-time jobs! We’ll match the kittens to your lifestyle and will only give you kittens that are big enough to eat on their own and are okay by themselves. Perhaps you’re retired and need a way to pass the time? Bottle-feeders might be for you!

“Are you my mom?”  “Umm…think of me as of your foster-cat-mom”

“I already have other pets.” So does almost everyone who fosters. It’s good for the kittens to be around other cats and dogs! (And kids, and turtles, and anything you’ve got really.) It helps socialize them and get them ready for their forever homes. Also, your pets will get used to it. They might even start helping you take care of them.

We don’t take up much space!

“I don’t have the space.” They are small, they don’t need much!

Thanks for giving us a second chance!  We’re all in our forever homes now!

“What if they don’t get adopted?” Don’t worry!  We have a very robust adoption program and our kittens find homes!  You won’t end up with cats. Your kittens will go on to great homes because of the solid foundation you will give them in life.

When the foster dad is away, the kittens will play!

If you love cats and want to play with kittens all summer (and maybe do a little bit of work), please consider signing up to be a foster! It’s great fun and highly rewarding–and we really need your help!