Little Joe (A094305)

My name’s “Little” Joe, but I’m BIG on personality and I love doing everything on the “Kitten To Do List”. I entertain myself by checking out every nook and cranny in my foster home. Everything I find is a new toy and I’ll carry it around just like it was a mouse.

Ideally, I want a home where I can live with my brother, Hoss, because we’re pretty attached to each other. We love to chase each other and wrestle… and then wrestle some more. When we’re done, we’ll groom each other before we both hit the sack. If I don’t know where he is, I make this cute chirping sound just to let him know I’m looking for him.

I also love to curl up near my foster mom and purr so she knows how happy I am. She calls me a “snuggle puss” which I think is embarrassing, even if it’s true.

I’ve been hanging around a couple of big, calm dogs but we don’t do much together. I do like to sleep next to them sometimes cause they’re so nice and warm. Mostly, I’m just looking for a nice home where me and my brother can kick back and let the good times roll.

To learn more about Little Joe, please contact his foster mom, Allison, at