It’s possible that the first thing you notice about me are my ears. They’re two different colors and right now they’re pretty big. You know what they say – big ears, big heart. I’ll grown into those ears in a few months. My coloring is striking, with dramatic dark markings around my eyes and large brown and black spots on my back. I’m living a great kitten life right now, cavorting with my cat roommates and exploring this huge new world. I love to play, run, and explore. Show me a red dot on the floor and I’m after it. I can play for hours with my plastic cat ball or the feather on the string. And I’m very keen to explore new rooms and spots in the house, so many new corners and smells! Though I love adventure, I also enjoy my snuggle time. I have a really loud purr motor and love being held. I don’t have a mean bone in my kitten body and want to trust everyone I meet, cat or human. Spend some time with me and see for yourself!

To meet me, please contact Elana at