Meet Darla!

Hello there!

How would you like to hang out with the coolest cat in town? Darla is a quiet, chocolate and white Siamese mix. She is very calm and naturally reserved. Some people might say she is shy, but they just haven’t gotten to know her yet!

Still life with Darla.

Darla is in our Cat Socialization program which is for cats that come to the shelter and are scared or need some time to get used to people before they are ready for their forever homes. Darla has come such a long way since she first entered the program! She still likes to sit in small spaces and doesn’t like loud noises, but she will happily sit on her perch and observe what’s going on around her.

Darla hanging out with Socialization Program Graduate Fancy!

Darla is a very cool cat and once she gets to know you, she will come up to you and have a chat with you when you get home. She likes to be near people and enjoys company, but it takes her a while to get to the “lap-sitting” stage. Darla just needs a little time and some patience before she fully comes out of her shell. She gets along with other cats but, just like any introvert, she likes to have her own space that she can go to when she needs it.

I’m looking for a quiet roommate to chill with.

Darla (A082167) would love to be in a quiet, adult only home where she can acclimate at her own pace and become the loving cat that she is destined to be. If you think you might like to chill with Darla, email to set up an appointment and come meet her!