Meet Oona!!!

And the Miss Congeniality award goes to…

Oona, the Labrador/Terrier mix!

Oona is 7 years-old and the stand-out among  her comPETitors. She’s friendly, smart, obedient, and fully house-trained. Her favorite hobbies are fetching, running, and playing. She loves belly rubs and daily walks.

I like long walks on the beach

Here’s what the other contestants have to say about her…


“This mild-mannered girl is a great friend! She loves to be by your side. Oona is a joy to have around and she has a lot of love to give!”


Small children:

“Oona has a lot of energy! Because she’s so spirited she’s great with kids who are 10 years-old and up, preferably with some dog experience.”

I *really* like to hike!


“We’d rather not comment.” (Some contestants can be so catty!)

Oona taking a break in a foster home. 

Her weekend foster mom:

“All in all, Oona  is a wonderful cuddle bug who is a giant couch potato. She is very affectionate and loving towards her people and honestly, she is just a complete sweetheart!”

Even the judges agree!  If you’re looking for a loving and loyal pet, Oona takes the crown.  Adopt Oona A053179!