Meet Pac-Man and Nala

It’s winter in California! And even without 10 inches of snow, it’s still chilly enough to stay home and snuggle up with your wonderful dogs. Don’t have dogs to snuggle with? Well we have just the pair for you! Pac-Man and Nala are a wonderful, bonded pair that would love to bond with you.

Mr. Pac-Man and Ms. Nala are pit terrier mixes, both about 2.5 years old. They have lots of energy so they’ll want a back yard for exercise, and some older kids who are experienced with dogs. AND even though exercise is fun, they both also love to relax and just be petted. Who doesn’t, right?

They both know the command “sit,” and they’re learning “stay,” and Pac-Man can even dip his toes into the water! So why don’t you dip your toes into the water of having 2 fabulous dog companions. Check Pac-Man (A081343) and Nala (A081345) out and start snuggling today!