Mowgli came to the shelter in early April with a badly wounded leg, and other injuries.  As a tiny kitten he was affectionately named “Chainsaw” by shelter staff because he acted so ferocious.  Within two days in foster care he was a new kitten and cuddling with people. His injuries took longer to heal and he was finally cleared by the shelter vet this week for adoption! He has a few scars to brag about but they don’t bother him.

Mowgli is very friendly, active, talkative, and cuddly.  He’s really a dream for people looking for those qualities in a cat.  Mowgli also loves children, other cats (with a proper introduction), and possibly respectful dogs. He would do well in active and quiet households alike, as long as he can showcase his awesome personality.  For more information on Mowgli please e-mail: