Mr. Whisper (A093571)

Mr. Whisper (AKA Shortsock) is a tiny, velvety tuxedo kitten with striking green/gold eyes, whimsical white gloves, socks and bib. He was found with his brother, Mr. Marcel (AKA Longsock) and two other siblings in the Burbank Bridge Construction. They were all very tiny and malnourished – especially Mr. Whisper, who was the tiniest – but they blossomed quickly into healthy, loving, very playful little charmers.
He’s quite social and would do best if adopted with his brother- they are inseparable, always cuddling, wrestling or napping curled around each other. Super sweet and gentle, he purrs as soon as you stroke him and seems wise beyond his years (weeks?). His hobbies are personal grooming, world exploration, and competitive cuddling.

To learn more about Mr. Whisper, please contact his foster mom, Shanda, at