My name is Nick, and I am a super sweet kitten with big round eyes. I love being picked up and hugged. My foster mom said that I am a purring machine. I am a little shy at first but I do warm up fast when my brother, JoJo, is aroundI am also a very playful kitten and I love to wrestle with my brother, JoJo. I enjoy getting pet which may make me fall asleep. My brother and I like to chase each other around the house. When I am tired, I like to sleep on your chest, next to your arms or on your lap while you are watching TV. I am full of energy and I can play the entire day. My favorite toys are feather wands and toy balls. I might not be the best fit if you have young children at home but I am ok with a small dog. My brother JoJo and I need to stay together since we’ve been together since birth.  My brother and I love each other very much and are looking for a great home! If you’d like to meet us, please contact my foster mom, Judy, at