A069617 Rosie

Hi, my name is Rose, but everyone calls me Rosie!  I’m a female Tortie, but my dad calls me a perpetual motion machine!  I was the smallest in my litter, but I make up for it with my big personality and constant motion.  I’m what they call a high energy kitten.  If there’s a toy, I’m all over it!  And if it’s dinner time, I’m all about eating too!  And if there’s another cat (like my brother, Tank) well, I’m all over him too!  We love to chase each other around the house, wrestle, and generally act like super fun kittens! I know my name and will come if I’m called, and I’m *also* learning how to be mellow and spend time on my foster dad’s lap, but for now I’m happier just being next to him…and I really like it when we have playtime with string toys.  I still like to run around a lot and chase my toy mouse, but I’m starting to appreciate the finer things in life like pets and more time around my favourite humans.  My foster dad thinks I’m a total goofball, but that I’ll mellow out…eventually!  But at the end of the day, or after a play session, I’m happy to lay down next to you and if you pet my shoulders I’ll purr *very* loudly. I grew up around a bunch of big cats and would love to be around another animal of some type.  I have so much energy I need a friend to play with.  Even though I’m small, I try to be the alpha! So if you’re looking for a very playful cat with a big personality, come meet me!  Contact my foster dad Chris at