Sammy is a sweet white kitten.   He only weighed 13 oz. when he was brought to the shelter as a stray.  He loves to play and when he gets tired will jump up and sleep in your lap or right near you. He is vocal and lets you know if he is hungry and wants to eat or have some treats. He loves attention.  Sammy is deaf but he is just as playful and loving as any cat.  I show him the can of food and he comes running to eat.  Sammy must be an inside cat since he would be defenseless outside.  He does not respond to any loud noise or hear anything sneaking up on him. Sammy is bonded with his foster brother, Tigger,  and both kittens are being adopted out as a pair. If you are interested in meeting Sammy and Tigger please contact their foster mom, Bonnie, at .