Say hello to Crockett and Avery

This bonded pair is looking for a home to spend their golden years in!

Crockett is an intriguing mix of Shepherd, Sharpei, and Rhodesian Ridgeback. This seven year old loves to be petted and endlessly enjoys belly rubs. He’s very loving once he trusts you (the belly rubs should help). He’s the protective type, so you’re guaranteed to have a guardian angel by your side!

Avery is a beautiful Lab mix. She’s also 7 years old, is very affectionate, and loves everyone.  If you just give her the slightest bit of attention she will be your friend for life. She’s super sweet and she has an endearing head tilt. The cause of the tilt is unknown, but it’s definitely permanent. Our veterinarian suggested she could’ve had a small stroke at some point. But don’t worry: this cutie is resilient and it doesn’t affect her quality of life.

As much as they like humans, they would be best with kids 8 years old and up. We’re not sure how they would get along with other dogs so if you already have one, a meet and greet is a must!

This bonded pair is an absolute delight and will make their new owners very happy.  Could their new home be yours? Adopt Crockett (A082753) and Avery (A082752).